Geophysics, B.S.

Requirements for a Major in Geophysics

A B.S. degree in geophysics provides fundamental skills in solid earth geophysics, including seismic and potential field exploration and earthquake seismology.

Forty-six semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
GEO 1106The Earth Through Time, Laboratory1
GEO 1306The Earth Through Time3
or GEO 1307 Evolution and Extinction
Select four semester hours from the following:4
Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters
World Oceans
The Dynamic Earth
Origins of Habitable Worlds
and Origins of Habitable Worlds, Laboratory
GEO 3319Geophysics3
GEO 3427Mineralogy4
GEO 3442Field Stratigraphy-Sedimentology4
GEO 4341Introduction to Hydrology3
or GEO 4346 Hydrogeology
GEO 4455Introduction to Seismology4
GEO 4457Geophysical Exploration I4
GEO 4656Geophysical Field Training6
or GEO 46C3 Capstone Field Experience
Six semester hours of 4000 level GEO courses 16
Additional Requirements
A grade of “C” or better in GEO courses used for the major.
Required Courses in Other Fields
CHE 1301Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I3
CSI 1430Introduction to Computer Science I with Laboratory4
CSI 3324Numerical Methods3
MTH 1321Calculus I3
MTH 1322Calculus II3
MTH 2311Linear Algebra3
MTH 2321Calculus III3
MTH 3325Ordinary Differential Equations3
MTH 3326Partial Differential Equations3
PHY 1420General Physics I4
PHY 1430General Physics II4
PHY 2360Mathematical and Computational Physics3
PHY 3320Intermediate Classical Mechanics3
or PHY 3330 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism
Any two 3000-4000 level courses or one four-hour course selected from GEO or the four fields above. These courses must be approved by the student’s advisor.4-8
Total Hours88-92

GEO 4487 Advanced GIS Analysis will not apply toward the major.