Theatre Design and Technology, B.F.A.

Requirements for a Major in Theatre Design and Technology

Seventy semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
THEA 1301Acting I: Realism3
THEA 1312Scenic Elements3
THEA 1316Costume and Stage Makeup Elements3
THEA 1324Script Analysis3
THEA 1380Theatre Aesthetics: Visual Storytelling3
THEA 1383Theatrical Drafting3
THEA 2371Lighting and Sound Elements3
THEA 2374Theater History I3
THEA 2375Theater History II3
THEA 2383Theatrical Drawing and Rendering3
THEA 3001Production Lab (3 semesters)0
THEA 4102Theatre in the Professional World1
THEA 4321History of Costume3
or THEA 4322 History of Decor in the Western World
THEA 4376Theater History III3
Select nine semester hours from the following:9
Costume Design
Scene Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Theatre Design Electives
Select nine semester hours from the following:9
Technology Fundamentals for Theatre
Stage Management
Costume Draping and Patterning
Costume Crafts
Costume Design
Advanced Makeup Techniques
Metal-Working for the Theatre
Scene Design
Lighting Design
Scene Painting
Sound Design
Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling
Theatrical Props: Construction and Management
Portfolio Development
History of Costume
History of Decor in the Western World
Advanced Costume Design
Automated Lighting
Advanced Scene Design
Advanced Lighting Design
Advanced Sound Design
Advanced Stage Management
Technical Direction for Theater
Special Studies in Theater Arts for Majors
Production Capstone
Fifteen semester hours of THEA courses, twelve of which must be at the 3000-4000 level15
Additional Requirements
Must be admitted to the Department of Theatre Arts by audition/interview.
Active participation in all departmental play productions.
Total Hours70