Classics - Secondary Major

Requirements for a Secondary Major in Classics

Twenty-seven hours including the following:
Required Courses
GRK 2310Intermediate Greek Prose 13
GRK 2320Intermediate Greek Poetry 13
LAT 2310Intermediate Latin Prose 13
LAT 2320Intermediate Latin Poetry 13
Twelve semester hours of 3000-4000 level GRK or LAT courses12
Select three hours from the following3
Roman History and Civilization
Greek History and Civilization
Classical Mythology
Topography of Rome and Pompeii 2
The Archaeology of Sicily and Southern Italy 2
GRK 3000-4000 level courses
LAT 3000-4000 level courses
Epistles and Epigraphy of Rome 2
Roman Comedy 2
Total Hours27

Or equivalent upper-level hours


Course offered during the Baylor in Italy program