Credit by Examination

Baylor University placement exams do not bear credit; the score determines the level of the course for which the student may register.

  1. For the Entering Freshman
    An entering freshman who has attained proficiency in college-level courses prior to enrollment at Baylor may earn credit hours through the credit by examination programs listed below. Refer to the Credit by Examination policies available at for a complete list of approved examinations, minimum scores, additional requirements, and corresponding Baylor courses.
    1. College Board SAT II: Subject Tests
    2. College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP)
    3. College-Level Examination Program Subject Examinations (CLEP)
    4. International Baccalaureate Program (IB)
    5. Baylor Examinations
  2. For the Transfer Student
    Credit by examination secured through another college or university by a student transferring to Baylor must meet the minimum Credit by Examination policies in effect in the year the student entered college as a freshman.

    An official CLEP, AP, College Board Achievement, or IB test score report must be sent to the Office of Institutional Research and Testing at Baylor for evaluation of credit (One Bear Place #97032, Waco, TX 76798-7032).
  3. For the Currently Enrolled Student
    Currently enrolled students may earn credit hours through the College Board SAT II: Subject Tests, CLEP or Baylor Examination programs. Credit will be awarded to an enrolled student based on the Credit by Examination policies in effect in the year the student entered college as a freshman. The following conditions must be met by students seeking credit by examination.
    1. Permission for a Baylor examination must be secured from the department chair.  Departmental permission is not needed for CLEP or SAT Subject exams.
    2. Dean approval is required for upper-level courses (3000 or 4000 level) once a student achieves senior standing (90 earned credits). Once Dean approval is received, the student must secure permission from the department chair.
    3. Prerequisites for courses in which a student is seeking credit must be satisfied prior to examination.
    4. Grade points are not earned through credit by examination.
    5. Credit may not be earned by examination in any course previously audited or for which a grade has been earned.
    6. Residence requirements are not reduced when credit is received for a course through credit by examination.
    7. The academic registration closing date is the last day a student is permitted to establish credit by examination for a course in which the student is enrolled.