Student Financial Aid

The costs of tuition, fees, housing, and food at Baylor are among the most economical of any major private university in the nation. Baylor represents an affordable, yet superior, private education guided by Christian influences and ideals.

The Student Financial Aid Office provides a program that includes loans and part-time campus employment designed to help eligible students meet expenses while enrolled at Baylor University.

Please visit for pertinent information regarding work-study, loans, and other financial aid information.

Financial Aid Applications

If a student requires need-based financial aid, the student should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application should be completed after October 1, but preferably before February 1 for priority consideration for the upcoming academic year. The FAFSA should be completed in sufficient time to allow Baylor to receive the results no later than May 1, so that students will be notified of eligibility before invoices for fall charges are mailed. Baylor normally receives results of the FAFSA from the federal processor within three to five business days from the date you file the form electronically. The deadline for completion of the aid application process is April 18 of the spring semester (or November 15 if attending only in the fall.) Applicants who do not have all steps (including verification if selected) completed by these dates will not be awarded aid.

Students interested in pursuing assistance for the summer sessions will be considered automatically once they have filed the FAFSA for the previous academic year and pre-registered for classes. To be eligible for financial aid, students must be making satisfactory academic progress as defined by Baylor University. The Statement of Satisfactory Academic Progress is available online. In addition, some programs may have specific requirements above these minimum standards.

Students who consider dropping hours should contact Baylor One Stop prior to dropping the hours to determine the effect on scholarship and financial aid eligibility. A reduction in hours may result in an adjustment to the aid package and may also affect satisfactory academic progress. It is the responsibility of the student to notify this office of any reduction in hours.

Some students may receive financial aid from several sources, which may include part-time employment, and/or loans. Because many financial aid programs are funded by the federal and state government, the Student Financial Aid Office must abide by established laws and guidelines when processing a student’s application.

Complete information on the various types of assistance is available at Information on alternative loans, along with a preferred lender list, can be found online.

Financial Aid Priority Dates

Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (available online) by the following dates to receive priority and ensure the availability of funding by the time payment is due:

Semester Date
To receive priority for funding (some programs are limited):
Fall and Spring semesters
February 1
Spring semester only
October 1
To ensure availability of funding (and receive credit toward bill):
Fall and Spring semesters
May 1
Spring semester only
November 1

Respond promptly to requests for additional documentation/clarification received by mail or email (all emails are directed to student's Baylor email accounts). Students who file the FAFSA after the deadline should be prepared to pay their semester bill from their own resources by the due date. If eligible for aid, the student may be reimbursed after aid has been credited to the student account. For more information, visit the Student Financial Services website.

Financial Aid

Financial aid programs available to graduate students include Federal Work-Study, Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Direct Grad PLUS Loans, and alternative loans through various private lenders. Apply for aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Visit the Student Financial Services website for additional information regarding the financial aid application process.

Fellowships and Scholarships

In addition to assistantships, there may be other sources of funding to support your graduate studies. The Graduate School website posts funding opportunities and assistantship opportunities under the “Current Students” heading.

Departmental Graduate Tuition Scholarship – DGTS: Scholarship awarded by an academic program to graduate students to cover tuition costs. Award of scholarship is based on excellent academic qualifications. No past, present, or future services are performed as a condition to receiving this scholarship.

The Vice Provost for Research maintains an extensive listing of graduate fellowships online. Websites for many departments at Baylor also provide information about funding available to students majoring in those graduate programs.