Pastoral Ministry (PAST)

PAST 7330  Introduction to Pastoral Care  (3)  

This course offers an introduction to pastoral care by exploring biblicaltheological and psychological foundations for the process of personal and communal healing and restoration. Students are introduced to basic strategies necessary for providing pastoral care to people in congregations and other contexts. These abilities are studied as they apply to various forms of personal and communal crises that care-givers will encounter in ministry.

PAST 7334  Clinical Pastoral Education  (3)  

Laboratory or clinical setting which brings theological students into supervised encounters with persons in crises. The course will help students gain new understanding of human situations and develop skills in interpersonal and interprofessional relationships.

PAST 7336  Life and Work of the Pastor  (3)  

A survey of the comprehensive ministry of the pastor. Attention is given to the personal growth of the pastor, the multifaceted work of the pastor in local church ministry, the biblical and theological basis of shepherding, the structures and programs of church life, community relations, worship, the ordinances, weddings and funerals, and specific pastoral challenges and opportunities.

PAST 7338  Chaplaincy as a Profession  (3)  

A survey of the work of chaplains in a variety of institutional settings, such as hospitals, hospice organizations, the military, educational contexts, the criminal justice system, and athletic and corporate environments. The unique role of the chaplain, the role of Clinical Pastoral Education, and full board certification are explored through appropriate readings, field experiences, and conversations with professional chaplains.

PAST 7340  Trauma, Loss and Mourning  (3)  
Cross-listed as SWO 4316  

This course prepares students with specialized knowledge and skills for the understanding of trauma, loss, grief, and therapeutic interventions for the bereaved.