French, B.A.

Requirements for a Major in French

Thirty semester hours, with at least twenty-seven hours at the 3000-4000 level, including the following:
Required Courses
FRE 3301Advanced French Grammar3
FRE 43C0French Senior Capstone3
FRE 3337
FRE 3338
French Civilization
and Contemporary France
or FRE 4331
FRE 4332
French Writers and Ideas I: From Roland to Revolution
and French Writers and Ideas II: From Romanticism to Post-Modernism
Three semester hours of 4000 level FRE course3
Fifteen semester hours of 3000-4000 level FRE courses 115
Total Hours30

FRE 2320 Passport to the French-Speaking World can count toward the major in place of a 3000-4000 level course.

FRE 1301 Elementary French, FRE 1302 Elementary French, FRE 1412 Accelerated Elementary French, and FRE 2310 Intermediate French will not apply to the major.