Film Digital Media (FDM)

FDM 5199  Non-Thesis Degree Completion  (1)  

Course designated to fulfill requirements for non-thesis master's students when all other credits have been previously completed.

FDM 5303  Internship in Film & Digital Media  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Consent of instructor  

Provides graduate students the opportunity for application of film & digital media skills and knowledge carried out under the supervision of a professional employer in a media-related organization.

FDM 5335  Media Psychology  (3)  

Study of the psychological effects of media on the thoughts, feelings, and actions of viewers and users. We consider the negative and positive impact of various types of media. Features a special focus on media use and well-being, as well as coverage of the usage and effects of interactive media.

FDM 5336  Seminar in Film and Electronic Media  (3)  

Selected topics in the film or electronic media. Topics may be chosen from the following: mass communication theory, film or broadcasting history, media effects, media regulation, new communication technologies, and political communication. May be repeated once with a different topic.

FDM 5346  Seminar in Corporate Telecommunication  (3)  

Selected topics in corporate telecommunication. Topics may be chosen from the following: telecommunication management, training and development, diffusion of innovations, and impact analysis. May be repeated once with a different topic.

FDM 5356  Seminar in Media Aesthetics and Criticism  (3)  

Selected topics in media aesthetic criticism. Topics may be chosen from the following: film theory, semiotic analysis, visual literacy, and approaches to film criticism (i.e., cinema). May be repeated once with a different topic.

FDM 5366  Graduate Production Workshop  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Consent of instructor  

Advanced production-oriented workshop with emphasis on enabling students to practice their craft and work towards completion of festival-worthy productions. Particular emphasis on preproduction, research and concept development, production, and post-production. May be repeated once in a different semester for a total of six semester hours.

FDM 5376  Contemporary Film Theory  (3)  

Major issues and concepts that have been taken up by film theorists and critics in the years following World War II, with particular concentration on cultural studies, ideological criticism, race, gender, politics, spectatorship, and new digital technologies.

FDM 5377  Storytelling in the 21st Century  (3)  

Exploration of current and emergent forms of storytelling in media, including analysis of the current state of motion picture and television industries, virtual and augmented reality, interactive media, transmedia, and streaming media distribution, with an emphasis on how changes in media consumption practices are changing storytelling forms.

FDM 5V35  Problems in Film and Digital Media  (1-6)  

Designed to give individual students opportunities for additional work in their area of concentration in film and digital media. May be repeated in a different semester for up to a total of six semester hours.

FDM 5V90  Professional Paper or Project in Film & Digital Media  (1-3)  

Satisfies the non-thesis option for the master of communication studies. Under the direction of a supervising professor, a student will select a problem or topic in film and digital media and will write a substantial paper or produce a substantial project for submission to the faculty. Maximum three credit hours.

FDM 5V99  Thesis  (1-6)  

Research, data analysis, writing, and oral defense of an approved master's thesis. At least six hours of FDM 5V99 are required.