Library Science (LS)

LS 3305  Children's Literature  (3)  

An exploration of the development of a distinct literature for children. An analysis of books and illustrations for preschool through the elementary level. Reading, evaluation, and application of the various media for children.

LS 4306  Curriculum Applications in Children's Literature  (3)  

Research in the field of children's literature and its application to the elementary classroom, emphasizing activity approaches and curriculum planning.

LS 4307  Multicultural Literature  (3)  

Students will explore a framework for examining the impact and influence of cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity in literature. Instructional lessons and activities are developed with the goal of enhancing students' critical lens for increasing culturally relevant and affirming practices that are authentic, intentional, and engaging for learners.

LS 4320  Young People's Literature  (3)  

Reading and reacting to print and non-print media relevant to interests and problems of adolescents. Attention to interest and maturity levels, developmental values, curriculum uses, discrimination of literary tastes, and the dynamic significance of literature for young people.