Leadership/Administration (LEAD)

LEAD 7301  Leadership for Ministry  (3)  
Cross-listed as MUS 5345  

A survey of leadership theory and practice including biblical, historical, and contemporary perspectives. Texts from various disciplines (including theology, sociology, and management theory) will be employed. The course will explore such topics as styles, modeling, personality types, spiritual gifts, and church systems and structures which are related to leadership.

LEAD 7302  The Business of Ministry  (3)  
Cross-listed as MUS 5354  

This course enables church leaders to study church business concepts and basic administrative practices in order to enhance the vision and ministry of the church.

LEAD 7303  Leadership for Congregational Ministry  (3)  

LEAD 7303 equips students with biblical, theological, and practical models for leading congregations and facilitates in-class practicums to sharpen ministry skills. These skills include leading worship services, congregational meetings, weddings, and funerals, administering the ordinances/sacraments, and managing conflict.

LEAD 7308  Strategic Planning for Churches and Ministries  (3)  

Designed to present a picture of the strategic planning process and applies marketing concepts to objectives of churches and other Christian ministries. Special attention is paid to fund raising and promotion.

LEAD 7309  Church Administration  (3)  

A study of basic administration processes and implementation of administrative skills related to church ministries, budgets, and personnel. Major emphases will include conflict and time management, decision making, and delegation of responsibilities for church staff and/or lay leadership.

LEAD 7311  Conflict Management in the Church  (3)  

An analysis of conflict presented as an opportunity to bring forth positive spiritual and social change in the context of the local church. A variety of conflict management techniques will be discussed and modeled.

LEAD 7V21  Studies in Leadership  (1-3)  

Features a detailed examination of a selected topic related to leadership for ministry. Course may be repeated for credit when the content varies. Maximum 9 hours credit.