Military Studies Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Military Studies

Eighteen semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
HIS 2370History of Warfare3
Three semester hours of History of War courses from the following:3
War and Peace in the Middle East
Religion and War in U.S. History
American Revolution and Constitution
Civil War and Reconstruction
The Cold War
The Vietnam War
American Military History to 1890
American Military History since 1890
Three semester hours of International Politics courses from the following:3
Fundamentals of International Politics
Ethnopolitical Conflicts
Contemporary American Foreign Policy: An Examination of Regions and Issues
The Causes of War
Grand Strategy
Intelligence and Covert Action
Power, Morality, and International Relations
Diplomacy in Theory and Practice
Nine semester hours from the following:9
National Security
Ancient Warfare
Principles of Advertising and Public Relations
Writing for Media Markets
Law and Ethics of Journalism
War and Morality
War and Peace in the Christian Tradition
Social Movements
Courses not used to fulfill a requirement in History of War or International Politics
Total Hours18