Registration and Enrollment

New or Re-entering Students

New students are not required to receive advisement for course scheduling prior to registration. New students will receive course registration information from the Office of Student Services upon admittance. New students needing additional advisement may schedule an appointment with the Office of Academic Services. Students who are re-entering the Seminary must contact both the Director of Academic Services and the Assistant Dean of Student Services before registration can take place. Registration is completed online. All first-year students will register for the courses and sections designated by the Seminary, except upon special approval of the student’s advisor. Truett Academic Services hosts advising sessions each semester. All students are required to attend at least one advising session each year but may attend one each semester if desired.

Returning Students

Students may complete registration during the early registration period prior to the beginning of the next semester. Registration information is located on Baylor’s homepage at under “Current Students,” then “Registration,” then “Registering for Classes.” Truett Academic Services hosts advising sessions each semester. All students are required to attend at least one advising session each year but may attend one each semester if desired.

Financial Settlement

Each semester billing notification is sent to the student’s Baylor email. Each student is responsible for the timely completion of his or her financial settlement.

Financial settlement is not complete until the student confirms his or her registration or confirms his or her attendance online and acceptable payment arrangements are made. Schedules of students failing to do so will be cancelled.

Please visit the Cashiers Office website for full details on financial settlement at

Enrollment Classifications

Degree Seeking (both full and provisional acceptance): Any student admitted to Truett for the pursuit of a Seminary degree.

Non-Degree Seeking (Special, Transient, Audit, or For-Credit, not degree-seeking): Any individual who has applied to Truett Seminary (as evidenced by the receipt of a completed official application form and transcripts), but who has not yet satisfied all admission requirements. Approval can be extended to register for up to, but not more than, 12 Seminary credit hours. No exceptions can be made to the conditions of “Special.” If, at the completion of 12 Seminary credit hours, all of the requirements for admission have not been satisfied, the individual will not be allowed to register for additional classes.

Courses in the University

Any student who takes courses in the University and who is not in an approved concentration or joint degree program must have an advisement slip signed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Course Audit Policy

Regular or special students enrolled in the Seminary, graduates of other accredited seminaries, or Baylor University students may audit courses in the Seminary curriculum (on a space-available basis) with the permission of the instructor and the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. However, courses to be taken for credit by degree-seeking students may not be taken on an audit basis. Classroom participation requirements will be determined by the instructor. The fee for auditing a course will be $390 whether full-time or part-time. Prospective students may observe classes on terms arranged by the Office of Student Services in consultation with the instructor.

Commencement Services

The Seminary has a commencement service each May, August, and December for students graduating during the year. In anticipation of participation in the commencement services, students should file for graduation with Director of Academic Services by the last class day of the semester prior to their anticipated graduation date in which the degree is expected to be conferred. Ample time must be allowed for the processing of diplomas. Students who file late will not be guaranteed a diploma at Commencement.

All M.Div., M.T.S., and M.A. students should purchase their caps and gowns from the Baylor Bookstore. D.Min. and Ph.D. students should contact the Baylor Graduate School concerning rental or purchase of gown, hood, and tam.