Academic Regulations

Class Attendance

Juris Doctor students are required to attend all scheduled classes. Under no circumstances will credit be given for courses in which the student is absent more than the maximum number of allowable absences for the class. Unless a smaller number of classes is designated by the professor, the "maximum number of allowable absences" shall be 25% of the total number of class meetings scheduled to meet in accordance with the class schedule and the calendar for the quarter. A student having absences for more than the maximum number of allowable absences, although otherwise performing satisfactorily (as determined by the instructor) shall receive a grade of "NC" in the course, and no credit will be given. A student having absences for more than the maximum number of allowable absences and not performing satisfactorily for the quarter will receive an "F" (as determined by the instructor).

Academic Probation

Any student whose grade point average falls below 1.90 on the 4.0 grading scale shall be subject to dismissal from the Law School.  When a student subject to dismissal from the Law School remains in school, he or she shall be on probationary status. See the Rules on Academic Probation & Dismissal for more information.  Any student whose required or cumulative GPA falls below 2.41 must consult with the Associate or Assistant Dean prior to registering. 

Mandatory Participation in Law School Activities

From time to time throughout law school, students are required to participate in law school activities and events that will benefit them in some manner. Efforts are made to give students reasonable notice of such activities. During the first year of law school, students are required to participate in several activities. Fall and spring starters are required to serve as a bailiff for the moot court competition during their first quarter of study. For summer starters, this will happen in the second quarter (fall). By participating as bailiffs and jurors, students become familiar with the moot court competition and the Practice Court exercises in which they are required to participate in due time.

Employment While Enrolled

A student may not be employed for more than 20 hours per week in any week in which the student is enrolled for more than 10 class hours.

Course Load

All students must be full-time students except upon approval of the Associate Dean. A student taking a course load of ten quarter hours (ten classroom hours per week) is considered a full-time law student and is eligible for the juris doctor degree upon completion of 126 quarter hours of credit. It will be noted, however, that completion of the 126 quarter hours generally requires a student to be enrolled in at least nine quarters of study, averaging 14 quarter hours per quarter. No student shall be allowed to take in excess of 17 quarter hours. At Baylor Law, a one-credit-hour course on our quarter system requires a minimum of 10.5 hours in class (9 weeks of 70-minute classes) plus enough work outside of class each week to comply with ABA Standard 310.

Baylor Law School does not have a part-time program. Students registering to attend school each quarter must complete a full course load of at least 10 hours each quarter in which they enroll unless otherwise approved by the Associate Dean.

Undergraduate Degree and Official Undergraduate Transcript

Every Baylor Law student is required to submit official transcripts from each institution of higher education in which the student was enrolled prior to matriculation at Baylor Law to verify all academic credits undertaken and all degrees conferred. The student must provide an official transcript from each institution before he or she will be allowed to enroll in the second quarter of law school.  Unless an exception is approved by the Associate Dean on the basis of extraordinary circumstances, a student will not be allowed to enroll in the second quarter of law school until all transcripts are received.

Deadline for submission of official transcripts:

Semester Date
Fall entering classes October 15
Spring entering classes March 1
Summer entering classes June 5

Class Audit Policy

Courses in the Juris Doctor curriculum may be audited on a space available basis with the permission of the instructor, and in the discretion of the Associate Dean, by regularly enrolled students in the Law School, by graduates of the Law School or by graduates of other accredited law schools. However, courses to be taken for credit by regularly enrolled students may not be taken on an audit basis. Classroom participation requirements will be determined by the instructor. One-half tuition will be charged for auditing, but may be waived in the discretion of the Associate Dean. Prospective applicants, applicants, and admitted but non-matriculated students may observe classes on terms arranged by the Admissions Office in consultation with the instructor. Also, visitors are welcome to observe trial advocacy skills exercises in the Practice Court program with the assent of the instructor or the instructor's designee.

Student Responsibility

From time to time, specific rules in regard to the administration of the Law School, such as registration, changing courses, graduation requirements, etc., will be posted on the Law School's website at Baylor.Edu/Law and all students are charged with notice of them.