Leadership Studies Minor

Leadership Studies Core
Select the following Educational Leadership courses:
LDS 1301Introduction to Leadership3
LDS 2301Leadership and Vocation (linking theory to profession or discipline)3
LDS 4398Advanced Leadership (capstone course)3
Leadership Studies Electives
Select nine hours from approved list of courses9
Total Hours18

Leadership Studies Elective Examples

ANT 4311World Food Problems3
AS 3301Leading People and Communicating Effectively I3
AS 3302Leading People and Communicating Effectively II3
AS 4301National Security3
AS 4302Preparation for Commissioning3
BIO 4331Science Leadership: Community-Based Research3
BIO 4333Science Leadership: Improvement of Science Education3
CSS 4303Leadership and Communication3
CSS 4311Conflict and Communication3
ENG 3375Post-Colonial Literature3
ENV 4307Environmental Law3
ENV 4310World Food Problems3
ENV 4332Science Leadership: Community Environmental Research3
GTX 3350Great Texts in Leadership3
HIS 3371History of Black Americans3
HIS 4313War and Peace in the Middle East3
HIS 4375The American Civil Rights Movement3
HIS 4377History of the American Woman, 1600-18653
HIS 4378History of the American Woman Since 18653
HIS 3301Internship in History3
PPS 2301Leadership and Social Change3
PSC 3314Politics and Problems of Developing Countries3
PSC 4330Urban Political Processes3
PSC 4385Diplomacy in Theory and Practice3
PSC 3322American Public Policy3
PSY 3314Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
REL 4397Race, Racism, and Religion in America3
REL 4374Leadership in Ministry3
REL 3390Christian Ethics3
REL 3394War and Peace in the Christian Tradition3
REL 4315Topics in New Testament Studies3
SOC 4395Aging and Mental Health3
SOC 3355Introduction to the Economics of Poverty and Discrimination3
SOC 3322City and Community3
SOC 3354Marriage and the Family3
SOC 3330Women in American Society3
SOC 3311The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
SOC 4366Social Movements3
SOC 4315Sociology of Education3
SOC 4353Sociology of Medicine3
SWO 4315Foundations for Social Justice3
SWO 4322Social Policy for Social Work Practice3
SWO 3305Introduction to Gerontology3
SWO 4393Sociology of Aging3
SWO 4395Aging and Mental Health3
ENT 3301Entrepreneurship: Living and Learning3
ENT 4353Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development3
ENT 4380Social Entrepreneurship: Microfinance and Economic Development in Africa3
BUS 3350Christian Ethics Applied to Business3
MGT 3305Leadership & Organizational Behavior3
MGT 4305Principled Leadership3
BUS 3303Managerial Communications3
MKT 4310Sales Force Management/Leadership3
NUR 4353Community and Culture3
NUR 4341Nursing Professional Development: Leadership and Management3
RLS 4396Considerations for Diverse Populations in Leisure Programming3
LDS 3301Organizational Leadership3
LDS 3302Christian Leadership in Residential Communities3
LDS 3304Peer Leadership for Health and Wellness3
LDS 3305Peer Leadership for Community Engagement and Service3
LDS 3306Peer Leadership for Student Experience3
LDS 3307Leadership and Student Thriving3
LDS 3308Interfaith Leadership3
LDS 3309Mental Health Peer Leadership3
LDS 3310Talent and Development3
LDS 3311Leadership Through Informed Engagement3
LDS 3V01Special Topics in Leadership1-6
TED 3380Social Issues in Education3
SIC 4V98Special Topics in Social Innovation1-4