Cybersecurity Technology & Strategy Concentration (EMBA)

Concentration in Cybersecurity Technology & Strategy (CYST)

Executive MBA Core
Complete all courses listed under Executive MBA Core Curriculum35
Required Courses
MGT 5340Negotiation and Conflict Resolution3
BUS 5V98Special Studies in Business (Leading a Culture of Innovation)1
Cyber Security & Technology Strategy Concentration Courses
ISEC 5405Cyber Security Fundamentals (taken online)4
ISEC 5430Enterprise Cyber Security Planning and Policy: A Strategic Approach (taken online)4
MIS 5152The Innovative Tech Leader (listed under Executive MBA core curriculum)(1)
BUS 5302In Residence: Government, Business, and Societal Impact3
Experiential Learning (Optional) 1
In Residence: Global Strategy: Building & Sustaining Competitive Advantage
Total Hours50

Additional fees apply