Studio Art Concentration

Requirements for a Concentration in Photography

Concentration Requirements
ART 3320Oil Painting3
or ART 3321 Acrylic Painting
ART 3330Typography and Conceptual Development3
ART 3332Digital Imaging for Graphic Design3
ART 3334Photography I: Introduction to the Camera and Darkroom3
ART 3336Photography II: Introduction to Digital Photography and the Digital Lab3
ART 3339Medium and Large Format Photography3
ART 3340Hand-Built Ceramics3
or ART 3341 Wheel-Thrown Ceramics
ART 3344Wood Sculpture3
or ART 3345 Metal Sculpture
ART 4335Advanced Photography: Digital3
ART 4336Advanced Photography: Special Topics3
ART 4337Advanced Photography: Portfolio and Exhibition3
Select three semester hours from the following:3
Fabric Surface Design
Non-Woven/Off-Loom Fabric Structures
Select three semester hours from the following:3
Relief Printmaking
Twelve semester hours of Studio Art (ART) courses12
Total Hours51