Communication (CSS)

CSS 5199  Non-Thesis Degree Completion  (1)  

To fulfill requirements for non-thesis master's students who need to complete final degree requirements other than coursework during their last semester. This may include such things as a comprehensive examination, oral examination, or foreign language requirement. Students are required to be registered during the semester they graduate.

CSS 5310  Modern Communication Theory  (3)  

An overview of criticism regarding continuing developments in communication theory.

CSS 5311  Seminar in Interpersonal Communication  (3)  

An in-depth analysis of interpersonal theory and research.

CSS 5312  Seminar in Argumentation  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): CSS 4352; or consent of instructor  

Advanced theoretical work on the form and function of argumentation. This course explores field theory, examines the utility of argument diagram, and considers approaches to ordinary language argument.

CSS 5313  Seminar in Rhetoric and Society  (3)  

An analysis of the function of rhetorical discourse in contemporary society.

CSS 5314  Seminar in Small-Group Communication  (3)  

An analysis of small-group communication theory and research with a focus on topics such as decision making, leadership, social influence, and interaction analysis.

CSS 5316  Seminar in Organizational Communication  (3)  

An analysis of organizational communication theory and research.

CSS 5317  Seminar in Organizational Change and Communication  (3)  

Organizational change is viewed from a communication perspective with special attention placed on the conversational architectures that create sensible and coherent change.

CSS 5318  Seminar in Rhetoric and the Public Sphere  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Graduate standing or consent of instructor  

Analysis of major theoretical statements on the changing nature of the public sphere in western democracies and the related implications for the role of argumentation and rhetorical discourse in the formation of public policy.

CSS 5319  Seminar in Family Communication  (3)  

An advanced examination of scholarly theory, research, and quantitative/qualitative research methods used for academic investigation of topics and issues related to communication within the family.

CSS 5320  Leadership and Persuasion  (3)  

Explores the interwoven relationship between educational leadership and persuasive communication. By the end of the class students should be able to fashion compelling persuasive messages as well as interpret the attempts at persuasion by others.

CSS 5321  Organizational Membership and Identification  (3)  

Explores the relationship between communication and one's self-concept as it is defined and shaped by membership in workplaces, civic organizations, churches, clubs, and other social groupings. Discussion and analysis of the processes and practical consequences of organizational identification.

CSS 5322  Communication and Organizing in Disruptions  (3)  

Examines the theory, research, and communicative processes related to disruptive events in organizations.

CSS 5323  Seminar in Organizational Rhetoric and Discourse  (3)  

This seminar focuses on how rhetoric and discourse shape organizational life in terms of power, culture, change, identity, and crisis.

CSS 5341  Rhetoric and Cultural Studies  (3)  

Methods of rhetorical criticism influenced and intersected by cultural studies, beginning with early twentieth century and continuing into present day.

CSS 5350  Seminar in Presidential Rhetoric  (3)  
Cross-listed as PSC 5350  

See PSC 5350 for course information.

CSS 5351  Methods of Graduate Study  (3)  

Methods of quantitative inquiry in the study of communication theories. Emphasis on application theory and methods in a variety of communication research contexts, e.g., organizational communication, mass communication.

CSS 5352  Seminar in Methods of Rhetorical Criticism  (3)  

Quantitative/critical methodology utilized in the analysis of public discourse.

CSS 5353  Rhetorical Theory  (3)  

Examines the lines of inquiry that guide rhetorical theorizing and lenses that inform the practice of rhetorical criticism from ancient to contemporary usages.

CSS 5354  Quantitative Research Methods in Communication  (3)  

Introduction to the approaches and procedures used in designing and analyzing communication research studies.

CSS 5380  Internship in Communication  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Consent of graduate program director  

Provides graduate students opportunity for application of communication-related skills and knowledge under the supervision of a professional employer in a corporate organization.

CSS 5V35  Problems in Communication  (1-6)  

Designed to give individual students opportunities for additional work in their area of concentration. May be repeated in a different semester for a maximum of six semester hours.

CSS 5V36  Seminar in Communication  (1-3)  

Seminar topics vary each semester. One to three semester hours may be earned in a semester. May be repeated once with change in topic for a maximum of six semester hours.

CSS 5V90  Professional Paper in Communication  (1-3)  

Satisfies the non-thesis option for the master of communication. Under the direction of a supervising professor, a student will select a problem or topic in communication and will write a substantial paper or produce a substantial project for submission to the faculty. Maximum three hours.

CSS 5V98  Praxis Practicum  (1-6)  
Pre-requisite(s): CSS 5V35 and 5351  

At least 150 hours of applied learning in a communication-centered role/field. Final project that includes a written and verbal report and draws from scholarly literature, original research, and field experiences.

CSS 5V99  Thesis  (1-6)  

Research, data analysis, writing, and oral defense of an approved master's thesis. At least six hours of CSS 5V99 are required.