Bioinformatics, B.S.I.

B.S.I. Degree Requirements (Bioinformatics Major)

Required Courses
Minimum 124 semester hours to include the following:
Literature and Writing
ENG 1310Writing and Academic Inquiry Seminars3
GTX 2301Intellectual Traditions of the Ancient World : Literature and Thought3
GTX 2302Medieval Intellectual Traditions: Literature and Thought in Context3
PWR 3300Technical Writing3
REL 1310The Christian Scriptures3
REL 1350The Christian Heritage3
Foreign Language and Culture
Select 3 hours from the Foreign Language and Culture Distribution List for ECS Majors. Second-level proficiency must be reached if a foreign language is chosen.3
Other Requirements
PSC 1387The U.S. Constitution, Its Interpretation, and the American Political Experience3
or ENG 2301 British Literature
Chapel: Two Semesters0
Lifetime Fitness: Any two LF 11XX courses2
New Student Experience Course1
History and/or Social Science
Courses from the following departments may be used to fulfill this requirement: anthropology, economics, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology and GEOG 1300 (excludes PSC 1387)6
Computer Science and Data Science
CSI 1401Introduction to Programming I4
CSI 1402Introduction to Programming II4
CSI 2300Introduction to Data Science3
DSC 2334Computing and Computer Fundamentals3
DSC 2350Discrete Structures for Data Science3
DSC 3310Cloud Computing3
DSC 3334Algorithms and Data Structures3
DSC 3335Database Design and Applications for Data Science3
DSC 3344Analytics for Machine Learning3
DSC 4310Machine Learning3
DSC 4320Data Visualization3
A grade of “C” or better is required in all computer science hours counted toward the major.
BIO 1305
BIO 1105
Modern Concepts of Bioscience
and Modern Concepts of Bioscience Laboratory
BIO 1306
BIO 1106
Modern Concepts of Bioscience, continued
and Modern Concepts of Bioscience Laboratory
BIO 2306
BIO 2106
and Genetics Laboratory
BIO 4306
BIO 4106
Molecular Genetics and Genomics
and Molecular Genetics and Genomics Laboratory
Select four hours of Biology from the following courses: 4
Seminar in Biology
Medical Genetics
Human Physiology
and Human Physiology Lab
General Microbiology Lab
Genes and Development Laboratory
General Microbiology
Biochemistry and Physiology of the Cell
Genes and Development
General Biochemistry
BINF 3350Genomics and Bioinformatics3
BINF 3360Introduction to Computational Biology3
BINF 43C9Bioinformatics Senior Capstone Project3
A grade of “C” or better is required in all Bioinformatics hours counted toward the major.
Mathematics and Chemistry
MTH 1321Calculus I3
STA 2381Introductory Statistical Methods3
or STA 3381 Probability and Statistics
CHE 1301
CHE 1101
Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 1302
CHE 1102
Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHE 3238Organic Chemistry Laboratory2
CHE 3331Organic Chemistry I3
CHE 3332Organic Chemistry II3
Total Hours119