Nutrition Sciences (NUTR)

NUTR 1401  Introduction to Food Science  (4)  

Comprehensive study and experimental laboratory investigation of food constituents with a focus on chemical and physiochemical properties and reactions, including sensory evaluation, microbial safety, and food preservation.

NUTR 2101  Introduction to the Profession of Nutrition and Dietetics  (1)  

History of the profession and the skills and functioning of nutrition and dietetics professionals. Prepares students for their undergraduate major and for entrance into the supervised practice.

NUTR 2351  Nutrition  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): CHE 1300 or 1301 or 1405; or BIO 1305 or 1401 or 1405  

Scientific approach to the essential nutrients for human growth and development. Macronutrients, micronutrients, and human metabolism have details coverage; a computer diet analysis is conducted.

NUTR 2380  Intro to Food Delivery Systems  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): A minimum grade of C in NUTR 1401 and NUTR 2351, or consent of the instructor  

Introduction to meal service in the setting of the home, institutions, childcare, and restaurants. Management of meal planning, preparation, and service. Emphasis on equipment usage and maintenance and time, money, and nutrient management.

NUTR 3188  Introduction to the Nutrition Care Process  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Upper-level standing  

Introduction to the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) with an emphasis on the Nutrition Assessment and Nutrition Diagnosis components of this standard protocol, including application of nutrition-focused physical assessment. Medical terminology pertinent to the NCP will also be discussed.

NUTR 3314  Consumer Nutrition  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Upper-level standing  

Survey of basic nutrition and current issues focusing on personal nutrient needs. Not open to nutrition sciences majors, minors or other students who have taken NUTR 2351.

NUTR 3351  Nutrition Counseling and Education  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): A minimum grade of C in NUTR 2351  

Nutrition counseling and education strategies that can be used for dietary behavior change, emphasizing practical aspects of nutrition counseling.

NUTR 3386  Experimental Foods  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): A minimum grade of C in NUTR 1401; and BIO 1305, CHE 1301 and 1341, STA 1380 or 2381  

Investigation of the composition, functional properties, and reactions of food components. The study of chemical-physical changes which result from processing materials comprising foods. Study of experimental techniques for product development.

NUTR 3388  Introduction to Medical Nutrition Therapy  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): BIO 1305, [2401 and 2402] or 3322; CHE 1301, 1341; NUTR 3188; and a minimum grade of C in NUTR 2351  

In-depth study and proficiency testing of the nutrition care process, medical vocabulary, medical records, clinical math, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

NUTR 3435  Food Service Production  (4)  
Pre-requisite(s): A minimum grade of C in NUTR 1401, 2351, and 2380  

Quality food production techniques, procedures, and management of meals serving fifty or more people. The function and methods of food management (for profit) will be emphasized in this course.

NUTR 4151  Nutrition Practicum  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Departmental approval required  

Supervised field experiences in nutrition education and program delivery. A minimum of one hour each week is required in a seminar setting. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credit hours.

NUTR 4200  Seminar in Nutrition Sciences  (2)  
Pre-requisite(s): Senior standing or consent of the instructor  

Professional aspects of nutritional sciences with concentration on ethics, credentialing, communications, marketing, and public policy techniques.

NUTR 4351  Life Cycle Nutrition  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): A minimum grade of C in NUTR 2351 or consent of instructor  

Nutritional needs of individuals as they progress through the life cycle from birth through aging, with considerations of concomitant problems.

NUTR 4352  World Nutrition  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): A minimum grade of C in NUTR 2351 or consent of the instructor  

World hunger as a major international problem. The effects of malnutrition on growth, health, and economic output will be examined.

NUTR 4386  Nutrition for Sport and Fitness  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): NUTR 2351, BIO [2401 and 2402] or 3322, and upper-level standing or consent of instructor  

Nutritional concepts for individuals and team sport participants across the life cycle with a particular focus on selection of optimal dietary approaches as related to performance needs, maximizing performance, body comparison, energy balance, and unique nutrient needs for specific sport participants. Food and nutrition quackery in sports will also be addressed.

NUTR 4387  Advanced Nutrition  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Nutrition Sciences majors must have a grade of C or higher in NUTR 2351, BIO 1305, CHE 1301, 1341, and 3341  

Nutrients and their roles in human health. Emphasis on trends in nutritional research.

NUTR 4388  Medical Nutrition Therapy  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): A minimum grade of C in NUTR 3388  

In-depth study of various disease states with a focus on pathophysiology and evidence-based medical nutrition therapy interventions. Field experience in clinical dietetics is required.

NUTR 4395  Special Studies in Nutrition, Food science and food production  (3)  

Current issues in nutrition, food science or food production can be explored through seminars, special topics, and practicums. May be repeated with different content for a maximum of 6 semester hours.

NUTR 4V93  Special Topics in Nutrition Sciences  (1-3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Junior standing or consent of instructor  

Current issues in nutrition will be examined through seminars, special topics, practicums and/or individual research experiences. May be repeated with different content for a maximum of 6 semester hours.