Environmental Science, M.S.


  1. Candidates must complete thirty semester hours of graduate courses including six semester hours of research and thesis (5V99). At least twelve semester hours will be 5000-level courses (excluding 5V99).
  2. Candidates will present a proposal to their thesis committee that defines the area of environmental interest including the identification of a major problem in the area.
  3. When the course work is completed and the thesis is accepted, the candidates must pass an oral examination over the thesis.
  4. There is no foreign language requirement.
  5. Admission in the Master of Science program requires a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering, at least 8 semester hours of chemistry and an additional 40 semester hours of previous course work in sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Note: The 40 science hours plus 8 hours in chemistry will meet the standards for admission into the Master of Science program for applicants with a Bachelor of Arts degree.