Chemistry - Secondary Major

Requirements for a Secondary Major in Chemistry

Thirty-nine semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
CHE 1301
CHE 1101
Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 1302
CHE 1102
Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHE 2416Laboratory Measurements and Techniques4
CHE 3331Organic Chemistry I3
CHE 3332Organic Chemistry II3
CHE 3238Organic Chemistry Laboratory2
CHE 4001Exit Examination0
CHE 4151Undergraduate Seminar I1
CHE 4227Physical Chemistry Laboratory I2
CHE 4321Physical Chemistry I3
Four semester hours of 4000-level CHE labs4
Nine semester hours of 4000-level CHE 19
Required Courses in Other Fields
MTH 1321Calculus I3
MTH 1322Calculus II3
MTH 2321Calculus III3
PHY 1420General Physics I4
PHY 1430General Physics II4
Total Hours56

excluding CHE 4327 Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences