Asian Studies, B.A.

Requirements for a Major in Asian Studies

Thirty semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
Asian Studies Core
Select eighteen semester hours from the following:18
The Peoples and Culture of Asia
Traditional China
Modern Japan
Geography of East Asia
Special Topics in Asian Studies
Special Studies and Projects
Modern China
Societies and Cultures of East Asia
Asian International Relations
Asian Economic Development
East Asian Philosophy
Topics in Asian Religions
Seminar in Asian Studies
The Governments and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Region
Governments and Politics of East Asia
Asian Literature in Translation
Contemporary Issues in Asian Studies
Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture
Reading Course in Political Science
Chinese Conversation, Composition, and Readings I
Chinese Conversation, Composition, and Readings II
Chinese for Business I
Chinese for Business II
Chinese Language and Culture through Films
Special Problems
Chinese Literature and Culture I
Chinese Literature and Culture II
Advanced Japanese I
Japanese Culture through Reading
Japanese Conversation and Composition
Japanese Civilization
Japanese for the Professions
Japanese Cinema
Government and Politics of Russia
International Foundation Courses
Select twelve semester hours from the following:12
Cultural Anthropology in Global Context
Cultural Geography
Politics and Problems of Developing Countries
World Religions
Economic Systems of the World
World Geography
Comparative Politics
World Political Systems
Political Geography
Required Courses in Other Fields
HIS 1305World History to 15003
HIS 1307World History since 15003
Twelve semester hours in a modern Asian language, satisfied by completing one of the following sequences: 1, 212
Elementary Chinese
Elementary Chinese
Intermediate Chinese
Intermediate Chinese for Communication
Introductory Japanese
Elementary Japanese
Intermediate Japanese
Exploring Japan
Elementary Korean
Elementary Korean
Intermediate Korean
Intermediate Korean II
Intensive Version
Study abroad in Asia or Internship experience in Asia
Reading Course in Political Science (Directed Reading and Research in Asian Studies) 1
Total Hours48

If AST 4390 Reading Course in Political Science is counted for hours in the major, a petition must be filed to document completion of this requirement for the Intensive version.


Coursework in other Asian languages, including Russian, Central Asian languages (such as Kazakh or Uzbek), Punjabi, Vietnamese, Thai, or the like may be substituted with permission from the advisor.