Aerospace Studies (AS)

AS 1101  Heritage and Values I  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 1111  

Introduces students to the United States Air Force and provides an overview of its basic characteristics, missions, and organization.

AS 1102  Heritage and Values II  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 1112  

Continuation of AS 1101.

AS 1111  Leadership Laboratory  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 1101  

A study of Air Force customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, career opportunities in the Air Force and the life and work of an Air Force officer. An extensive physical fitness program is taught, reinforced and evaluated. Students under contract must pass a physical fitness test each term. Field trips to Air Force installations are usually included.

AS 1112  Leadership Laboratory  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 1102  

A continuation of AS 1111.

AS 2103  Team and Leadership Fundamentals I  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 2111  

Provides a fundamental understanding of leadership and team building in the United States Air Force, including leadership, followership, effective communication, problem-solving, and self-assessment.

AS 2104  Team and Leadership Fundamentals II  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 2112  

A continuation of AS 2103.

AS 2111  Leadership Laboratory  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 2103  

A continuation of AS 1112.

AS 2112  Leadership Laboratory  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 2104  

A continuation of AS 2111.

AS 3111  Leadership Laboratory  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 3301  

A continuation of AS 2112.

AS 3112  Leadership Laboratory  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 3302  

A continuation of AS 3111.

AS 3301  Leading People and Communicating Effectively I  (3)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 3111  

Utilization of cadets' field training experience to take a more in-depth look at leadership, with special emphasis on enhancing communication skills and their importance for a leader. Cadets practice leadership and management techniques in a supervised environment.

AS 3302  Leading People and Communicating Effectively II  (3)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 3112  

A continuation of AS 3301.

AS 4111  Leadership Laboratory  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 4301  

A continuation of AS 3112.

AS 4112  Leadership Laboratory  (1)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 4302  

A continuation of AS 4111.

AS 4301  National Security  (3)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 4111  
Pre-requisite(s): Upper-level standing or consent of instructor  

Gives college seniors the foundation to understand their role as military officers and how they are directly tied to our National Security Strategy. Overview of the complex social and political issues facing the military profession.

AS 4302  Preparation for Commissioning  (3)  
Co-requisite(s): AS 4112  

A continuation of AS 4301.