Middle Grades Teacher Certification, B.S. in Education

Degree Requirements

minimum 124 sem. hrs.

Requirement Hours
Advanced Hours minimum 36 hrs.
Professional Education minimum 36 hrs.
Academic Major minimum 30 hrs.

Residence Requirement


Requirement Hours
Degree Minimum 60 hrs., including last 30 hrs.
Chapel–two semesters no credit

Grade Point Average


  1. Grade points are earned on residence work at Baylor only.
  2. Minimum required for retention in major: 2.75 average in major and overall.

General Studies (BIC)

Required Courses
BIC 1112Examined Life1
BIC 1313World of Rhetoric I3
BIC 1314World Cultures I: Roots of Culture3
BIC 1323World of Rhetoric II: Rhetoric in Context3
BIC 1324World Cultures II: Religion and Culture3
BIC 2330Social World I: The City and the Soul3
BIC 2334World Cultures III: The Modern World3
BIC 2340Social World II: The Conditions and Possibilities of Human Fulfillment3
BIC 2344World Cultures IV: The United States in the World3
BIC 2437The Natural World I: Primary Ideas in Science4
BIC 2447The Natural World II: Global Science Issues4
BIC 3358Examined Life II: Biblical Heritage and Contemporary Ethical Issues3
MTH 1315
MTH 1316
Patterns, Relationships, and Number Concepts
and Geometry and Measurement
Second semester proficiency in a modern or classical language3-8
Lifetime Fitness
Select two hours of any LF2
Complete two semesters of Chapel0
Total Hours47-52

General Studies (Non-BIC)

Required Courses
ENG 1310
ENG 2310
Writing and Academic Inquiry Seminars
and American Literary Cultures
REL 1310
REL 1350
The Christian Scriptures
and The Christian Heritage
Second semester proficiency in a modern or classical language3-8
Mathematics & Science
MTH 1315
STA 1380
Patterns, Relationships, and Number Concepts
and Elementary Statistics
Math Major Requirement
Patterns, Relationships, and Number Concepts
and Geometry and Measurement
Science Major Requirement
Precalculus Mathematics
and Elementary Statistics
Laboratory Science
Choose from BIO, CHE, ENV, GEO, PHY8
Note: Science majors will complete courses required in major.
Social Science
HIS 1300
PSC 1387
The United States in Global Perspective
and The U.S. Constitution, Its Interpretation, and the American Political Experience
Select three hours from the A&S Fine Arts and Performing Arts Distribution list3
Lifetime Fitness
Select two hours of any LF 12
Complete two semesters of Chapel0
Total Hours40-45

May include PUBH 1145 Health and Human Behavior

Academic Majors

Professional Studies

Required Courses
TED 1312Introduction to Teaching I3
TED 3180Social Issues in Education Lab1
EDP 2336The Developing Child3
TED 3380Social Issues in Education3
Total Hours10
Required Courses
English, Language Arts, and Reading
ENG 1310Writing and Academic Inquiry Seminars3
ENG 2301British Literature3
ENG 2310American Literary Cultures3
ENG 2306World Literature3
ENG 2310American Literary Cultures3
ENG 3302Modern English Grammar3
or ENG 3310 Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 4324Shakespeare: Selected Plays3
LS 4320Young People's Literature3
or LS 4307 Multicultural Literature
TED 3335Literacy Instruction in the Middle Grades3
TED 3346Foundations of Secondary Reading and Writing3
TED 4322English Curriculum3
MTH 1315Patterns, Relationships, and Number Concepts3
MTH 1316Geometry and Measurement3
MTH 2316Algebra and Functions3
MTH 2317Functions and the Mathematics of Change3
MTH 3318Data and Chance3
MTH 3351Proof and Reasoning in Mathematics for Middle School Math Teachers3
MTH 3374Introduction to Mathematical Modeling3
TED 3342School and Classroom Environment3
TED 4326Mathematics in the Elementary Grades3
TED 4337Mathematics in the Middle School3
TED 4349Critical Issues in Mathematics Education3
Social Studies
HIS 1305World History to 1500 13
HIS 1307World History since 1500 13
HIS 1365United States History to 18773
HIS 2395History Workshop 13
HIS 3380History of Texas 13
PSC 1305American National Government3
ECO 1305Issues in Economics for Non-Business Majors3
Complete 9 advanced hours (3000-4000) from ANT, ECO, GEOG, HIS, PSC, or SOC9
TED 4341Social Studies Curriculum3
TED 3362Middle Grades Social Studies3
TED 4355Teaching Economic Geography in Social Studies3
BIO 1305Modern Concepts of Bioscience3
BIO 1105Modern Concepts of Bioscience Laboratory1
BIO 1306Modern Concepts of Bioscience, continued3
BIO 1106Modern Concepts of Bioscience Laboratory1
CHE 1301Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I3
CHE 1302Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry II3
CHE 1101General Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHE 1102General Chemistry Laboratory II1
GEO 1408Earth Science4
PHY 1405Everyday Physics4
PHY 1455Descriptive Astronomy4
TED 4325Science Curriculum3
TED 3336Middle Grades Science3
Total Hours139

World Cultures I, II, III, and IV in the BIC program will substitute for HIS 1305 World History to 1500, HIS 1307 World History since 1500, HIS 1365 United States History to 1877, HIS 1366 United States History since 1877, HIS 2395 History Workshop, HIS 3380 History of Texas.

Teaching Associate

Required Courses
TED 3630Teaching Associate Middle Grades Part I6
TED 3370Data Analysis and Instruction3
Total Hours9


Required Courses
TED 4630Internship Middle Grades Part I6
TED 4631Internship Middle Grades Part II6
TED 4632Internship Middle Grades Part III6
TED 4633Internship Middle Grades Part IV6
Total Hours24