Distribution Lists of Course Choices

Literature in Context Distribution List

CLA 2301Literature of Ancient Greece3
CLA 2302Literature of Ancient Rome3
CLA 2306Greek and Roman Mythology3
ENG 2301British Literature3
ENG 2306World Literature3
ENG 2310American Literary Cultures3
FRE 3312Children's Literature in French3
GTX 2301Intellectual Traditions of the Ancient World : Literature and Thought3
GTX 2302Medieval Intellectual Traditions: Literature and Thought in Context3
GTX/THEA 3341Master Works in Drama3
PHI 2303Philosophy in Literature3
REL 3301Psalms and Wisdom Literature3
REL 3308The Literature of the Pentateuch: Narrative, Poetry, Genealogy, and Law3
SPA 3305Introduction to Hispanic Literature3

Formal Reasoning Distribution List

MTH 1301Ideas in Mathematics3
MTH 1320Precalculus Mathematics3
MTH 1321Calculus I3
PHI 1306Logic3
STA 1380Elementary Statistics3

Scientific Method I: Course with Laboratory Experience Distribution List

ANT 1404Introduction to Human Evolution4
ANT 1407Introduction to Archaeology4
BIO 1305
BIO 1105
Modern Concepts of Bioscience
and Modern Concepts of Bioscience Laboratory
BIO 1306
BIO 1106
Modern Concepts of Bioscience, continued
and Modern Concepts of Bioscience Laboratory
BIO 1401Current Issues in Human Biology4
BIO 1405Investigations of Modern Biology Concepts I4
BIO 1406Investigations of Modern Biology Concepts II4
CHE 1301
CHE 1101
Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 1302
CHE 1102
Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Laboratory II
ENV 1301
ENV 1101
Exploring Environmental Issues
and An Introduction to Environmental Analysis (Lab)
ENV 1303
ENV 1103
Wildlife Ecology
and Wildlife Ecology Laboratory Exercises
GEO 1401Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters4
GEO 1402World Oceans4
GEO 1405The Dynamic Earth4
GEO 1410Gems and Minerals4
NSC 1306
NSC 1106
Introduction to Neuroscience
and Introduction to Neuroscience Laboratory
PHY 1404Light, Vision and Optics4
PHY 1405Everyday Physics4
PHY 1407Sound and Acoustics4
PHY 1408General Physics for Natural and Behavioral Sciences I4
PHY 1409General Physics for Natural and Behavioral Sciences II4
PHY 1420General Physics I4
PHY 1430General Physics II4
PHY 1455Descriptive Astronomy4
PHY 2455Foundations of Astronomy4

Foreign Language and Cultural Competency Distribution List

Modern Foreign Languages 1301 includes: ARB, CHI, FRE, GER, ITA, JPN, KOR, POR, RUS, SPA, SWA3
Modern Foreign Languages 1302 includes: ARB, CHI, FRE, GER, ITA, JPN, KOR, POR, RUS, SPA, SWA3
Modern Foreign Languages 1412 includes: GER, SPA3
Modern Foreign Languages 2412 includes: GER, SPA3
Modern Foreign Languages 2310 includes: ARB, CHI, FRE, GER, ITA, JPN, KOR, POR, RUS, SPA, SWA3
Classical Languages 1301 includes: GKC, HEB, LAT3
Classical Languages 1302 includes: GKC, HEB, LAT3
Classical Languages 2310 includes: GKC, HEB, LAT3
ARB 2320Arabic Popular Culture3
ANT 1305Introduction to Anthropology3
ANT 1325Introduction to Global Health3
ANT 3301Science, Society, and Culture3
ANT 3340Indigenous Cultures of Modern Mexico and Central America3
ANT 3350Native North Americans3
ANT/AST 4310Societies and Cultures of East Asia3
ANT/GEOG 1310Cultural Geography3
ANT/GEOG 1310Cultural Geography3
ANT/SOC 4320Culture, Personality and Identity3
AST 2380The Peoples and Culture of Asia3
AST 4388Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture3
AST/HIS 3305Traditional China3
AST/HIS 3307Japan3
CHI 2320Intermediate Chinese for Communication3
CHI 3305Chinese for Business I3
CHI 3306Chinese for Business II3
CHI 3310Chinese Language and Culture through Films3
CLA 3301Roman History and Civilization3
CLA 3302Greek History and Civilization3
CLA 3303Hellenistic History and Civilization3
FAS 1311Freshman Academic Seminar: Modern Languages, Cultures, and Global Communities3
FRE 1412Accelerated Elementary French4
FRE 2320Passport to the French-Speaking World3
FRE 2321French for Health Professions3
FRE 3301Advanced French Grammar3
FRE 3302Conversational French3
FRE 3308French and Francophone Pop Culture3
FRE 3310Introduction to French Literature3
FRE 3330Introduction to French Cinema3
FRE/FDM 4330Survey of French Cinema3
GER 2320German for Modern Life3
GER 3301German Conversation and Composition3
GER 3341Introduction to German Culture: Germany in the Making3
GER 3345Introduction to German Film: German Culture from Berlin to Hollywood3
HEB 2320Intermediate Hebrew II3
ITA 2320Pathways in Italian Culture3
ITA 3301Advanced Italian Grammar3
ITA 3302Italian Conversation, Reading, and Composition3
ITA 3310Introduction to Italian Literature3
ITA 3330Italian Through Film3
JPN 2320Exploring Japan3
JPN 3301Advanced Japanese I3
JPN 3302Japanese Culture through Reading3
JPN 3305Japanese for the Professions3
JPN 3306Japanese Cinema3
JPN/THEA 3352Japanese Theatre and CultureJapanese Theatre and Culture3
KOR 2320Intermediate Korean II3
LAS 1301Latin American Nations and People3
LAS 2301An Introduction to Latin American Studies3
LAT 2320Intermediate Latin Poetry3
LING/ENG 3319Language and Culture3
MES 2301Introduction to the Middle East3
MUS 3321Music in World Cultures3
MUS 4361Traditional Music and Culture in Africa3
MUS/AST 4362Traditional Music and Culture in Asia3
MUS/LAS 4364Traditional Music and Culture in Latin America3
PHI 4331Latin American Philosophy3
PHI 4341Contemporary Continental Philosophy3
POR 2320Exploring the Portuguese-Speaking World3
PSC 3315Fundamentals of International Politics3
PSC 4303International Human Rights3
PSC 4304Governments and Politics of Latin America3
PSC 4305International Law3
PSC 4314Government and Politics of Mexico3
PSC/AST 4325Asian International Relations3
PSC 4334Governments and Politics of the Middle East3
PSC 4344Government and Politics of Russia3
PSC 4365International Political Economics3
PSC/AST 3314Politics and Problems of Developing Countries3
PSC/AST 4364The Governments and Politics of the Asia-Pacific Region3
PSC/AST 4374Governments and Politics of East Asia3
REL 4343Topics in Islam3
REL 4347Topics in African Religions3
REL 4348Modern Judaism3
REL/AST 3345World Religions3
REL/AST 4346Topics in Asian Religions3
RUS 2320Russian Culture in Context3
RUS 3301Russian Conversation and Composition3
SEES/HIS 2380Introduction to Slavic and East European Studies I3
SEES/HIS 23813
SOC 3318Mexican-Americans in U.S. Society3
SPA 1304Elementary Spanish for Heritage Speakers3
SPA 2304Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers3
SPA 2320Exploring the Spanish-Speaking World3
SPA 2321Intermediate Spanish for Health Professions3
SPA 2322Spanish for Christian Ministry3
SPA 2324Spanish for Business3
SPA 3302Conversation and Composition3
SPA 3309Introduction to Spanish Linguistics3
SWA 2320Intermediate Swahili II3
THEA/JPN 3352Japanese Theatre and Culture3