Church Music, Master of Music

Required Courses for all Church Music Majors

Core Requirements
Complete all the courses listed under the Core Requirements9
Church Music Core
Select one course in each category:14
Congregational Song
The Song of the Church (required) 1
Congregational Song in Global Perspective
Congregational Song in Historical Perspective
Leading the Church's Song
Worship in the Church (required) 1
Perspectives on Worship
Worship in Global Perspective
Liturgical Traditions
Resources for Worship
Leadership in Music Ministry
Leadership for Ministry
The Business of Ministry
Choral/Vocal Music Ministry
Sacred Choral Literature
Advanced Choral Conducting
Fundamentals of Conducting
3-hour elective in Church Music3
Concentration Requirements
Select one option from the following:10
Option A: Church Ministry
Additional courses drawn from the Church Music core
General electives in music
Option B: Composition
Composition 2
Graduate Recital 3
General electives in music
Option C: Conducting
Conducting and Choral literature 4
Performance Document
Graduate Recital
General electives in music
To be admitted to the program, the candidate must submit a video of conducting that will be evaluated by the conducting and church music faculties.
For the conducting project, the student will assemble a choir. In consultation with the church music faculty and the appropriate conducting faculty, the student will select repertoire that reflects the music from a variety of styles and periods. Approximately six anthems will be prepared and presented. The repertoire will be prepared under the supervision of the church music and choral conducting faculties. The document, which will be related to the repertoire of the concert or service, will be written under the supervision of the church music faculty.
Option D: Performance
Applied Major
Performance Document
Graduate Recital
Piano proficiency of level IVs required for vocal, instrumental, or organ emphasis, and level VIIs for piano emphasis.
In the vocal and organ emphases the recital will consist primarily of sacred music; a collaborative and/or solo recital will be acceptable for a piano emphasis.
The document that accompanies the recital will be supervised by the church music faculty.
Option E: Thesis
Additional courses drawn from teh Church Music core
General electives in music
After the completion of applied study, students are required to present a performance project (representative program of works appropriate for church in the student’s performance medium) to the church music faculty.
Total Hours36

Students who had an equivalent course in their undergradute degree may choose one of the other options upon the approval of the Church Music faculty and Graduate Program Director.


Choose from MUS 4203 Electroacoustic Music Composition, MUS 5207 Graduate Composition I, MUS 5208 Graduate Composition II, MUS 5209 Graduation Composition III, and MUS 5V89 Special Research Problems.


The recital may consist of a concert format or a presentation of original compositions within a service.


Choose from MUS 5260 Orchestral Conducting, MUS 5251 Advanced Choral Conducting, MUS 5282 Band Conducting, MUS 5270 Applied Conducting, and MUS 4337 Choral Literature.