Clinical Psychology, Psy.D.

Requirements for this degree are listed in the General Information section of this catalog. Policies and operating procedures for each of the above degrees are detailed in a program manual. The program manual is provided to each student upon enrollment. This program does not require a foreign language.

Program of Study (Semester Hours)

Required Courses
PSY 5371Clinical and Research Practicum I (three terms) 19
PSY 5325Ethics and Professional Issues in Clinical Psychology 13
PSY 5316Clinical Psychopathology 13
PSY 5431Psychological Assessment I 14
PSY 5429Psychotherapy I: Cognitive-Behavior Therapy 14
PSY 5423Psychotherapy II: Advanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy 14
PSY 5432Psychological Assessment II 14
PSY 5372Clinical and Research Practicum II (three terms) 19
PSY 5333Psychological Assessment III 13
PSY 5335Multicultural Issues 13
PSY 5410Psychopathology and Assessment in Children 14
PSY 5321Developmental Psychology 13
PSY 5323Biological Foundations of Behavior 13
PSY 5344History of Psychology, Racism, and the United States 13
PSY 5373Clinical and Research Practicum III (three terms) 29
PSY 5339Social Psychology 13
PSY 5301Introduction to Experimental Design 13
PSY 5302Measurement in Psychology3
PSY 5317Psychotherapy III: Seminar in Psychotherapy3
PSY 5311Seminar in Memory and Cognition3
PSY 5330Neuropharmacology3
PSY 5388Advanced Statistical Methods 13
PSY 5428Group and Systems Approaches to Psychotherapy4
PSY 5426Clinical Intervention with Children 14
PSY 5334Clinical Health Psychology3
PSY 5370Administration and Supervision3
PSY 5V24Individualized Professional Development and Research3
PSY 6V01Clinical Internship (three terms)3
PSY 6V99Dissertation (6 hours required)6
Total Hours115

Required courses for M.S.C.P.


Only 6 hours required for M.S.C.P.