Chapel (CHA)

CHA 1086  Chapel Forum  (0)  

Designed to inspire students through lectures, presentations, and dialogues, which explore the intersections of Christian faith and life. Features guest scholars, theologians, and artists and may include student/ guest(s) dialogue. Focused on sharing Christian perspectives and teaching, rather than worshipping together.

CHA 1087  Chapel with Traditional Worship  (0)  

Designed to inspire students through meaningful worship including music inspired by the traditions of the Church through the ages. Features guest scholars, theologians, and artists as components of the liturgy which will typically include music accompanied by piano, organ, or strings. Course may be repeated a maximum of 8 times.

CHA 1088  Chapel with Contemporary Worship  (0)  

An asynchronous chapel experience that takes students week by week through the narrative of the Christian Scriptures by using films that engage students in Christian faith and practice.

CHA 1089  Chapel  (0)  

CHA 1089 Chapel Worship A service shaped by the historic understanding of Christian worship, using music from various denominations. Students will have opportunities to lead worship and hear sermons from local ministers.

CHA 1090  Chapel Studies  (0)  

Chapel experiences are available to students with certain interests and passions, particular academic majors, or who have unique circumstances. These chapels are centered in the teaching of Christian perspectives and practices.

CHA 1091  Chapel Prayers  (0)  

Chapel alternative services in our various chapels across campus. These quiet services are designed to help students have an experience of daily prayer in community. Led by Baylor Chaplains and other designated staff, each service will make use of various forms of prayer that will typically include singing, meditation, silence, unison/responsive readings, and scripture.