Political Science - Secondary Major

Requirements for a Secondary Major in Political Science

Thirty-three semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
PSC 1387The U.S. Constitution, Its Interpretation, and the American Political Experience3
PSC 1305American National Government3
PSC 2343Introduction to Western Political Philosophy3
PSC 3304Comparative Politics3
PSC 3315Fundamentals of International Politics3
Eighteen semester hours of PSC, twelve of which must be at the 3000-4000 level. Three hours may come from the following:18
3000-4000 level courses from: AMS, ANT, AST, BIC, CLA, CSS, ECO, HIS, LAS, PPS, PHI, REL, SEES, SIC, SOC
2320-level or 3000-4000 level courses in ARB, CHI, FRE, GER, GRK, HEB, ITA, JPN, KOR, LAT, POR, RUS, SPA, SWA
Total Hours33