Curriculum & Instruction (EDC)

EDC 3309  Curriculum and Instruction for All-Level Certification  (3)  

All-Level Curriculum and Instruction gives the students information and experiences in the decision-making process of creating an effective learning environment for both elementary and secondary students. The course is designed to provide the student with the expertise to discharge the multiple responsibilities associated with teaching in a professional manner.

EDC 3319  Christian Education for Family Life Ministries  (3)  

This course will develop creative and specialized ministries that meet the needs of persons in ministry. It will help ministers to guide and counsel persons throughout the human growth developmental process. It will help persons in ministry develop, evaluate, and administer curriculum plans. Also, it will enable church members to perform functions of church education.

EDC 3336  Adult Literacy Instruction  (3)  

A study of adult literacy instructional techniques and materials. A practicum is included.