Pre-Athletic Training Concentration - HSS, B.S.

Pre-Athletic Training

Concentration Requirements

Grade point average – minimum of 3.0 CGPA overall.
Must complete all requirements for the
HHPR Required Courses
HP 1420Human Anatomy4
HP 2306Anatomical Kinesiology3
HP 2341Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries3
or HP 2304 Advanced First Aid
HP 2420Exercise Physiology4
HP 3330Research Methods and Design in Exercise Science3
Restricted Electives
Select 9 semester hours from the following:9
Essentials of Ethics in Healthcare
A Biblical Theology of Suffering for Health Care Providers
Adapted Human Performance
Exercise and Sport Nutrition
Techniques of Strength Training and Conditioning
Motor Learning and Development
Sports Psychology
Exercise Prescription in Health and Disease
Facilities and Equipment in HHPR
Sports-Related Ethics
Stress Management/Mental-Emotional Health
Men's Health and Wellness
Human Sexuality
Dying and Death Education
Required Courses in Other Fields
BIO 2401
BIO 2402
Human Anatomy and Physiology of Motion and Innervation
and Human Anatomy and Physiology of Metabolism and Processing
CLA 3381Medical Terminology3
NUTR 3314Consumer Nutrition3
MGT 3301Managing People in Organizations3
PHY 1408
PHY 1409
General Physics for Natural and Behavioral Sciences I
and General Physics for Natural and Behavioral Sciences II
STA 1380Elementary Statistics3
or STA 2381 Introductory Statistical Methods
A maximum of 16 credit hours of coursework (MS level courses) will count towards both degrees. These 16 hours include the following MS courses which are already embedded in the 36-credit hour MATR degree (see Graduate catalog) - HP 5301, HP 5302, HP 5303, HP 5379, and HP 5401.
Total Hours54

Students who are accepted and begin the accelerated program will be classified as an undergraduate student until they have completed 17 hours of graduate coursework.  Upon successful completion of 17 hours of graduate work, the student will be awarded their Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies degree.  Once the bachelor's degree is awarded, students, with the assistance of the Master of Athletic Training Program will complete steps to be classified as a graduate student.

Undergraduate students interested in a master's degree in athletic training, need to declare Health Science Studies as their major and follow the pre-athletic training concentration.  Undergraduate students can apply for the accelerated professional program after the completion of 89 undergraduate hours.

Curriculum is subject to change based on graduate school policy updates.