World Christianity and Witness (WOCW)

WOCW 7376  The Story of the Missionary Expansion of Christianity  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

A survey of the advance of Christianity from the early church to the present. Literature, documents, and principles of this expansion will be examined and evaluated in order to gain a perspective of when and how Christianity progressed and to make contemporary application.

WOCW 7377  Church and Witness  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

A study of the church as source and base for faithful witness to the world. Attention is given to the essence and nature of the local church as it crosses boundaries and represents Christ within cultures.

WOCW 7378  Church Planting  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

An overview of theory and principles of church planting for domestic and international ministry. Emphasis will be given to models of church and ways urban churches were initiated in the New Testament period and subsequent periods of church history, as well as special challenges for today.

WOCW 7379  Models and Practice of Christian Social Innovation  (3)  

An overview of historical and contemporary models of social innovation and an exploration into skills and best practices required for social transformation and Christian witness

WOCW 7380  Biblical and Theological Themes for Witness  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

A biblical and theological evaluation of classical and current themes in the church's witness that address issues such as contextualization, the church growth movement, indigenous theologies, and universalism.

WOCW 7381  Religion and Worldviews  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

A study of ancient and modern rites, traditions, and ideas that form religious and worldview perspectives for the peoples of the world and the Christian's response to these perspectives.

WOCW 7383  Cross Cultural Living and Communication  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

An introduction to cultural anthropology for the task of cross-cultural witness. Attention is given to principles and resources necessary for initial entry, life, witness, and productive ministry in the cross-cultural setting.

WOCW 7384  Ethnographic Research Methodology  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

Practical skill training and field techniques in the gathering, comparison, and analysis of data related to cultures, religions, and history of a people, city or region.

WOCW 7385  Introduction to Christian Witness and Mission  (3)  

A study of the biblical foundation and historical progress of the church's witness around the world and the church's contextual relationship with the world and with God in light of the gospel. Special attention is given to the relationship between culture and witness, contemporary thought and practice, the place of the local church in Christian witness, the minister's role in developing a global consciousness within the church, and the reciprocal nature of worldwide witness.

WOCW 7386  Urban Issues  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

As the world continues to move to the cities, the challenges of ministry are changing. This class will explore urban issues such as the need for an urban theology, racial reconciliation, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, addictions, postmodernism, and various religious worldviews. It will also explore successful models of congregations making a difference in the cities.

WOCW 7387  Community Development and Ministry  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

The whole Gospel requires that congregations minister to the whole person. Many churches today are rediscovering the importance of revitalizing neighborhoods and working toward systemic change in their communities. This class will explore working models and teach timely methods of community organizing from a Christian perspective.

WOCW 7388  Evangelism: A Contextual Approach  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385 recommended  

This course leads students in the development of a practical theology of evangelism in order that they might construct strategies for congregational witness. The student will reflect carefully and critically on the nature of Christian witness in light of Scripture, tradition, and contemporary practice.

WOCW 7389  Studies in Worldwide Christian Witness  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): WOCW 7385  

A concentrated, guided study of a relevant and limited topic in the theology or practice of Christian witness. The topic will be determined in consultation with the professor, and progress toward the development of the topic will be monitored throughout the semester. Ideally this course should be taken near the conclusion of seminary work. Hours in the course could be associated with special studies or practicums in an overseas setting. Course may be repeated for credit if the content varies. Maximum of 9 hours of credit.

WOCW 7391  Vocation and Work  (3)  

An exploration of the history of the idea of vocation and a theology of work with special emphasis on the variety of models of witness and service, with the intent to broaden the scope and practice of ministry.