Poverty Studies and Social Justice Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Poverty Studies and Social Justice

Required Courses
Eighteen semester hours including the following:
ECO 3355Introduction to the Economics of Poverty and Discrimination3
SWO 4315Foundations for Social Justice3
SWO 4322Social Policy for Social Work Practice3
Select nine semster hours from additional hours taken from courses related to social justice and approved by the School of Social Work: 9
Cultural Anthropology in Global Context
Introduction to Global Health
Environment and Human Behavior
Culture, Personality and Identity
World Cultures V: Differing Visions and Realities
Science Leadership: Community-Based Research
The Family: A Global Perspective
Family Transitions, Stress, and Resilience
Deaf Culture
African American Communication
International Economics
Economic Development
Economics of Labor
Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Introduction to Environmental Health
World Food Problems
Introduction to Women’s and Gender History
Hitler and the Holocaust
Modern Latin America
History of Black Americans
Modern Middle East History
War and Peace in the Middle East
The History of Gender in Latin America
The American Civil Rights Movement
The United States in the 1960s
Essentials of Ethics in Healthcare
Gender, Race & Media
Interfaith Leadership
Disability and Society
Nonprofit Marketing
Behavioral Medicine
World Nutrition
Contemporary Moral Problems
Moral Philosophy
Social Philosophy
Special Topics in Philosophy
Law, Justice and the Community
Philanthropy, Civil Society, & the Public Good
Advanced Study in Philanthropy and Social Innovation
The Environment and Political Processes
Politics and Problems of Developing Countries
Minority and Ethnic Group Politics
Ethnopolitical Conflicts
International Human Rights
Power, Morality, and International Relations
International Organization
Contemporary Political Thought
Social Psychology
Introduction to Public and Population Health
Maternal and Infant Health
Global Health
Special Topics in Social Innovation
Religion and Society
The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
City and Community
Women in American Society
Population Health
Sociology of Medicine
Social Movements
Introduction to Social Work
Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
Social Issues in Education
Total Hours18