Earth Science, B.A.

Requirements for a Major in Earth Science

Thirty-four semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
GEO 1401Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters 14
or GEO 1402 World Oceans
or GEO 1405 The Dynamic Earth
GEO 1306
GEO 1106
The Earth Through Time
and The Earth Through Time, Laboratory
or GEO 1307
GEO 1106
Evolution and Extinction
and The Earth Through Time, Laboratory
GEO 3344Sedimentary Field Studies3
GEO 3427Mineralogy4
GEO 3435Invertebrate Paleontology4
GEO 3442Field Stratigraphy-Sedimentology4
GEO 3445Structural Geology4
GEO 4341Introduction to Hydrology3
or GEO 4346 Hydrogeology
GEO 4485Introduction to Geographic Information Systems4
Required Courses in Other Fields
MTH 1321Calculus I3
or STA 1380 Elementary Statistics
PHY 1408General Physics for Natural and Behavioral Sciences I 24
or PHY 1420 General Physics I
or PHY 1455 Descriptive Astronomy
CHE 1300
CHE 1100
Introductory Chemistry
and Introductory Chemistry Laboratory
or CHE 1301
CHE 1101
Basic Principles of Modern Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory I
Total Hours45

Majors are encouraged to take GEO 1405 The Dynamic Earth.


Those without MTH 1321 Calculus I must take PHY 1455 Descriptive Astronomy.

The B.A. degree is not a professional degree in geology.