Lifetime Fitness (LF)

LF 1104  Adaptive Lifetime Fitness  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Departmental consent required  

Lifetime fitness activity class for students needing accommodation due to injury or disability. Prior to registration, students must present a medical statement from their physician outlining both the nature of the disability and recommendations for a variety of exercises to be done in class. The individualized exercise program is a total-body program with appropriate accommodations. A physical therapy exercise protocol that does not require an attending physical therapist may be utilized in class sessions. Participation in physical therapy sessions in a clinical setting will not substitute for an activity class. There is no waiver of the LF requirement. Course may be repeated for credit if necessary due to ongoing medical condition. Course is graded pass-fail.

LF 1106  Beginning Aerobics  (1)  

Concepts of physical fitness and the development of movement routines are fundamental to this course. Material covered includes a basic understanding of fitness with various assignments relating to that knowledge. Purchase of a lab manual is required.

LF 1107  Intermediate Aerobics  (1)  

This course incorporates all of the aspects of the beginner course. In addition, it teaches complex dance/exercise routines to music and provides a vigorous and complete workout for the more advanced student. Purchase of a lab manual is required.

LF 1109  Aqua Fitness  (1)  

This course provides an enjoyable alternative to exercising on land. A water exercise class is an extremely efficient means of achieving fitness (particularly muscle tone) while using the natural resistance of water to exercise your body to the music.

LF 1110  Aerobic Walking  (1)  

This course is designed to provide students with a fitness foundation through the means of walking. Students will be given a fitness assessment profile, develop an exercise program, and participate in a series of small group and individual walks of varying lengths conducted over various terrains. Walking techniques and fitness strategies will be stressed. Conditioning emphasis will be placed on stamina, strength, flexibility, body composition, and muscle endurance. Student's progress of fitness and walking skills will be monitored and assessed regularly to assure completion of their goals and objectives.

LF 1111  Aerobic Running  (1)  

Students must be capable of running a mile without stopping at the beginning of the course. This class provides runners the opportunity to train and increase aerobic running capacity. Workouts are designed to meet individual fitness levels and goals. Health-related fitness components, safety, injury prevention, and training programs will be taught. Students develop an ability to maintain a high degree of aerobic fitness through long-distance running.

LF 1112  Backpacking and Camping  (1)  

A course designed to teach the values of wilderness experiences and the knowledge and skill necessary for enjoyable and safe basic wilderness living. Topics receiving emphasis include: safety, fitness, ecology, clothing, equipment, food preparation, emergency care, navigation and survival.

LF 1113  Advanced Wilderness Pursuits  (1)  

Application of baseline knowledge of land based activities to more specialized/advanced pursuits like thru-hiking, winter and/or glacier travel, canyoneering, or long expedition-style backpacking experiences. Development of physical fitness and specialized skills, techniques, concepts, and terminology requisite in adventure pursuits. A multi-day wilderness experience is required.

LF 1114  Beginning Badminton  (1)  

A course designed to teach the fundamental skills in badminton including appropriate stroke mechanics, serving, strategy, game variations, equipment selection, and rules and regulations.

LF 1115  Intermediate Badminton  (1)  

This course allows students to refine the skills previously developed, to participate at a higher level of competition, including refereed games, to increase their knowledge of court strategy, and to improve physical conditioning through increased performance.

LF 1117  Beginning Ballet  (1)  

This is an introductory course to ballet. The course provides training in technique, body placement, movement theory and terminology. Progressive classical ballet barre center work and floor combinations enable students to train their bodies in the proper classical technique of basic ballet.

LF 1118  Intermediate Ballet  (1)  

This course reviews the material present in basic ballet. More advanced ballet moves are used in an effort to progress to more difficult ballet routines.

LF 1119  Advanced Ballet  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Departmental consent required  

This course is designed for the student who has had advanced level experiences in school or private ballet academy or has successfully completed the intermediate ballet class. Skills include refining basic moves and extensive work on dance routines.

LF 1121  Beginning Bicycling  (1)  

An introductory course covering bicycling knowledge, skills, and safety. Class rides will be from eight to ten miles. Required equipment: bicycle (safe, dependable, functioning, ten or more speeds), approved helmet, and means of repairing flat tire (frame pump, tire tools, patch kit, and wrench to get hub nut off, if needed).

LF 1122  Intermediate Bicycling  (1)  

An advanced-level course covering bicycling knowledge, skills, and safety. Class rides will be ten to fourteen miles. Although LF 1121, Beginning Bicycling, is not a prerequisite, students are expected to have mastered basic bicycling skills before enrolling in this course. Required equipment: safe, dependable, efficient bicycle with ten or more speeds; approved helmet; tire pump (frame type); and basic tool kit.

LF 1123  Beginning Mountain Biking  (1)  

This course is designed to prepare students with the basic skills needed for a lifetime of enjoyable mountain bike riding. Students are provided with an overall view of mountain biking, rules of the trail and road, safety, riding technique, clothing, equipment, and basic bike maintenance. Emphasis will be placed on the development of skills necessary to safely climb, descend, and maneuver a mountain bike through technical areas on various terrains.

LF 1124  Beginning Bowling  (1)  

The instructional format for this course includes skill development in grip, stance, approach, and ball delivery. Ball selection, scoring, rules and regulations, and practice will also be important ingredients of this class.

LF 1125  Intermediate Bowling  (1)  

This course incorporates the concepts learned in the beginner class with increased analysis and corrective feedback of present bowling techniques. Additional performance time allows students to enhance their skills.

LF 1128  Varsity Sports Conditioning I  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Departmental consent required  

This course is designated as an entry level course for varsity athletes participating in intercollegiate sports.

LF 1129  Varsity Sports Conditioning II  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Departmental approval required  

This course is a continuation of Varsity Conditioning I and allows athletes the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge acquired in Varsity Conditioning I.

LF 1130  Social Dance  (1)  

Introduction to social dance for the purpose of developing a lifetime recreational activity, often linked to social and professional situations. Various styles of social dance, such as fox trot, waltz, swing, rock and roll, country western, cha-cha, and tango, will be covered.

LF 1131  Contemporary Dance  (1)  

An introduction of movement principals as the body relates to space, time, energy, and relationships. Students will explore how the body moves through patterns, phrase work, improvisation, and choreography.

LF 1134  Fitness Theory and Practice  (1)  

A comprehensive course designed for the student desiring an in-depth understanding of the concepts of physical fitness including strength development, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, body composition, stress, mood modifiers, and nutrition. A variety of energetic, practical experiences are incorporated to enhance the lectures.

LF 1138  Beginning Golf  (1)  

This course offers the students the opportunity to develop skills appropriate to the enjoyment of this healthy, lifetime sport. Students learn the proper stance, grip, and swing techniques for all clubs, as well as rules, terminology, and equipment selection.

LF 1139  Intermediate Golf  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): LF 1138 or departmental consent required  

A course designed for students who already possess the basic skills and knowledge necessary to play golf. Topics at the intermediate level include rules, productive practice, mental aspects, course management, ball flight laws, and continued in-depth look at the short game and full swing. Video analysis is utilized to enhance student learning.

LF 1140  Advanced Golf  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Departmental consent required  

This course is for those students who own a set of clubs and have a handicap of less than twenty.

LF 1147  Beginning Jazz Dance  (1)  

A dramatic, disciplined, and versatile style of theatrical dance. Students will gain a broader base for creative development, expression, and movement than ballet. The major concepts of jazz dance include principles of proper body alignment, strength, and flexibility development, and knowledge of movement theory.

LF 1148  Intermediate Jazz Dance  (1)  

The intermediate-level jazz class greatly strengthens and builds upon a student's dance technique, increases knowledge and application of body alignment, flexibility and muscle control. Intermediate level includes more complex progressions, dance combinations, choreography, dance routines, and teaching skills.

LF 1151  Beginning Martial Arts  (1)  

This is a course designed to improve beginning self-defense techniques. Skills include kicking, punching, blocking, and offensive and defensive maneuvers. Martial Arts improve strength flexibility, body control, and self-confidence.

LF 1152  Intermediate Martial Arts  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): LF 1151 or departmental consent required  

This course reviews material covered at the beginning level of Martial Arts. The practice of fluid movements, sweeps, throws, falling and rolling, joint-locks and beginning self-defense maneuvers are introduced. This course also develops kata applications and introduces free sparring.

LF 1153  Advanced Martial Arts  (4)  
Pre-requisite(s): LF 1152 or departmental consent required  

Students must have successfully completed Intermediate Martial Arts or have special permission of the instructor to enter advanced class. The advanced class will focus on applying the techniques of self-defense, as well as introducing the strategy and tactics used in free sparring. New martial arts techniques appropriate for each skill level will also be taught.

LF 1156  Beginning Racquetball  (1)  

Equipment selection, safety procedures, serves, strokes, volley, court strategy, rules, and actual play are combined to give the basics needed for enjoyable and knowledgeable participation.

LF 1157  Intermediate Racquetball  (1)  

This course refines the basics and offers the more advanced student the opportunity for increased participation and analysis and corrective feedback. Advanced shots such as overhead, backwall, Z, and drills strategy.

LF 1158  Paddle Sports  (1)  

This course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed to participate in and enjoy kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP) as lifetime fitness and recreational activities. Special emphasis will be given to the development of sound fundamental knowledge and skills such as paddling and steering techniques; rolling; fitting, care and use of equipment; personal safety and fitness skills; and reading moving water.

LF 1159  Sailing and Canoeing  (1)  

A highly enjoyable recreational activity that provides the basic skills of seamanship necessary to canoe or sail safely and efficiently. The course content includes nautical terminology, types of sailing vessels, proper sailing mechanics, weather conditions, and emergency first aid care. American Red Cross certification is available upon completion of the course.

LF 1160  Beginning Rock Climbing  (1)  

This course is intended to provide students with the fundamentals of rock climbing for lifelong leisure involvement. Course content will address personal fitness, knowledge of sport, equipment, climbing safety, and technique. The majority of this course will take place within the indoor rock wall environment but skills taught will be transferable to a top rope, outdoor environment.

LF 1161  Intermediate Rock Climbing  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): LF 1160 or departmental consent required  

This course is intended to provide students with intermediate rock climbing skills and practices including multi-pitch belaying and rappelling, anchor systems, partner and self-rescue, route finding, minimal impact climbing, climbing hazards, and safety, as well as an introduction to sport lead climbing (indoor lead climbing). The majority of this course will take place within the indoor rock wall environment. A class weekend field trip is required.

LF 1162  Outdoor Adventure Sports  (1)  

Introduction to a variety of outdoor adventure sports, e.g., mountain biking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, caving, rock climbing, bouldering, hiking, ice climbing, snow-shoeing, and geocaching. Focus will be on two to four activities to develop the entry level skills and fundamental techniques necessary for lifelong engagement in those pursuits. The course may include an overnight culminating experience.

LF 1163  Beginning Self Defense  (1)  

Practical self-defense for people with no previous training in martial arts. The course will emphasize risk avoidance, risk recognition, and escape. The tactics and strategy of physical confrontation will be introduced - falling, throws, punching, blocking, and kicking.

LF 1168  Soccer  (1)  

A comprehensive course in the fundamentals of soccer including dribbling, passing, kicking, and tackling skills, offensive and defensive strategies, rules and regulations, and conditioning.

LF 1169  Intermediate Self Defense  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): A minimum grade of C in LF 1151 or 1163  

Intermediate self-defense strategy and tactics for students who have already been introduced to the basic techniques of karate and/or self-defense training.

LF 1170  Advanced Self Defense  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): A minimum grade of C in LF 1152 or 1169  

Advanced self-defense strategy and tactics for students who already have an intermediate level of skill in karate and/or self-defense training with an emphasis on self-defense in a professional setting (teacher, therapist, counselor, etc.).

LF 1171  Softball  (1)  

This course stresses the fundamentals of throwing, catching, fielding, batting, rules and regulations, equipment selection, drills, and actual play.

LF 1175  Beginning Swimming  (1)  

This course in basic water safety is designed to make adults reasonably safe while in or near the water. Topics include: physical and mental adjustment to water, breathing and breath holding, kick on front and back, buoyancy and body positioning, propulsion and coordinated stroking, entries to water, and personal safety.

LF 1176  Intermediate Swimming  (1)  

A course that develops correct stroke technique, introduction to breast stroke, side stroke, butterfly, turns, diving, basic and emergency water safety, and daily conditioning through lap swimming.

LF 1177  Advanced Swimming  (1)  

This course is designed for the swimmer possessing sufficient skills in aquatics to allow for an understanding of the hydrodynamic principles associated with six strokes. This course will enable the individual to increase physical conditioning by designing individualized programs incorporating distance and interval training techniques into daily swim routines. Emergency water safety is stressed.

LF 1178  Lifeguard Training  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): Departmental consent required  

An advanced aquatic course that prepares the individual to deal with life-threatening situations in various aquatic environments. Advanced swimming skills are required. Skill areas include assists, carries, defenses, releases, equipment rescues, facility safety, and many others. National Red Cross Lifeguarding certification is offered upon successful completion.

LF 1179  Beginning Tai Chi  (1)  

Beginning Tai Chi focuses on slow body movements used to improve balance, coordination, concentration, awareness and timing. Instruction follows a practical scientific approach yielding illustrations of applications for each of the movements in daily life. The classical Tai Chi form will be used as a model to facilitate the known benefits of exercise and stress reduction. Cardiovascular training, strength and flexibility training, balance and coordination are interval parts of Tai Chi training, as well as the meditative/stress management techniques that are a part of the form.

LF 1181  Beginning Tennis  (1)  

This course teaches the basics for tennis. Included are tennis terminology, rules and regulations, etiquette, equipment selection, serve, volley, ball control, forehand and backhand strokes. In-class practice of drills and individual play is provided.

LF 1182  Intermediate Tennis  (1)  

This class refines previously learned skills of ball control, serve, forehand and backhand strokes. Included in intermediate tennis is doubles play and class games and tournaments.

LF 1183  Advanced Tennis  (1)  

The advanced tennis player must possess a detailed knowledge and understanding of stroke mechanics and corrective drills, rules, equipment, and terminology. The advanced tennis class provides an opportunity for play with others of the same proficiency in the game. Refining strokes and physical conditioning are stressed.

LF 1187  Racquet Sports  (1)  

Introduction to a variety of racquet sports for the purpose of developing the basic skills and knowledge necessary for lifelong activity. Various racquet sports include tennis, pickleball, badminton, table tennis, etc.

LF 1189  Volleyball  (1)  

This exciting team sport incorporates knowledge of the rules and court strategy with skills such as setting, bumping, serving, and conditioning to make a well-rounded player.

LF 1190  Multi-terrain Volleyball  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): LF 1189 or formal competitive play  

For the student who has experience in volleyball through competitive play, Multi-terrain Volleyball offers analysis and development of techniques and game strategy for Wallyball, played in racquetball courts; Outdoor Volleyball, played on sand courts; and Indoor Volleyball. Emphasis is on refinement of skills of the game, conditioning, safety, court strategy, rules, and actual play for enjoyable and knowledgeable lifelong participation.

LF 1192  Weight Control  (1)  

A course designed to teach weight control through a combination of proper diet, nutritional advice, and exercise. Toning and conditioning your body is accomplished through weight training, circuit training and exercise routines performed to music.

LF 1194  Beginning Weight Training  (1)  

This course incorporates basic anatomic and physiological principles to specific lifts, exercises, muscles, and training techniques pertinent to the development of an individualized weight training program.

LF 1195  Intermediate Weight Training  (1)  

This course is designed for the advanced students and will review basic concepts covered in the beginning course. In addition, more advanced techniques and training principles will be incorporated into each student's individual exercise routine.

LF 1197  Beginning Relaxation/Fitness  (1)  

The beginning level provides a basic set of exercises which form the foundation of a regular daily routine. Relaxation techniques provide an effective approach to stress reduction. Emphasis is on improving postural alignment increasing strength, flexibility, endurance, improving concentration, and reducing stress.

LF 1198  Intermediate Relaxation/Fitness  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): LF 1197 or departmental consent required  

The intermediate level provides a comprehensive series of exercises designed to maintain the proper curvature of the spine, and to keep all systems of the body healthy. A wide range of intermediate exercises are presented for students to incorporate into their basic exercise routine. Therapeutic exercises are introduced for specific disabilities.

LF 1199  Advanced Relaxation/Fitness  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): LF 1198 or departmental consent required  

The advanced level is structured for the student who has developed strength, stamina and flexibility. Advanced exercises are introduced to maximize the potential for good health and vitality. Students learn to adapt the exercises to suit the various life cycles. Concentration on postural refinement is emphasized.