Course Repetition and Academic Grade Forgiveness

Course Repetition

A student may repeat a course for which his or her highest earned grade is a "C-" or below. A student may also repeat a course, when approved by the appropriate academic dean, for which he or she needs to earn a higher grade in order to fulfill a prerequisite or a course requirement for a degree, major, or minor (see specific degree/major/minor requirements for policies governing minimum grades needed in those areas). A student will have a maximum of three attempts at any one course, where a class with a grade or a W notation counts as an attempt. Courses attempted at Baylor University, which includes courses for which a student received a W notation, may not be repeated at another institution for transfer to Baylor University. All grades earned at Baylor University will be calculated in the term and cumulative grade point averages (see Academic Grade Forgiveness for exceptions).

Academic Grade Forgiveness

A student may request to have the first grade earned (not a W notation) from a repeated course excluded from the calculation of the grade point average (GPA) for a maximum of three courses during one's undergraduate career, where the original grade earned was C- or below. If a student attempts a course a third time and Academic Forgiveness is applied, then all grades except the first will be used to calculate the GPA. Once applied to a particular course, Academic Grade Forgiveness cannot be cancelled or removed (this rule may not be appealed).