Geosciences, B.S.

Requirements for a Major in Geosciences

Thirty-nine semester hours including the following: 1
Required Courses
GEO 1306The Earth Through Time3
or GEO 1307 Evolution and Extinction
or GEO 1309 Origins of Habitable Worlds
GEO 1106The Earth Through Time, Laboratory1
GEO 1401Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters 24
or GEO 1402 World Oceans
or GEO 1405 The Dynamic Earth
GEO 3427Mineralogy4
GEO 3442Field Stratigraphy-Sedimentology4
GEO 3445Structural Geology4
GEO 4656Geophysical Field Training6
or GEO 46C3 Capstone Field Experience
Complete additional requirements for one concentration13
A grade of "C" or better in GEO courses used for the major
Total Hours39

GEO 4487 Advanced GIS Analysis will not apply toward the major.


Majors are encouraged to take GEO 1405 The Dynamic Earth.