Entrepreneurship (ENT)

ENT 5322  Entrepreneurship Capstone  (3)  
Entrepreneurship Capstone explores advanced topics focused on start-up and new venture growth activities. Students learn to utilize all functional areas of the new venture to optimize revenue, finance firm growth, and maximize value creation. The emphasis is on providing practical tools through experiential learning. In addition to building a pitch deck suitable to send to professional investors, graduate students are required to complete an intense, outside-the-building project and present their results to the class.
ENT 5329  Entrepreneurial Finance  (3)  
Successful entrepreneurs must effectively manage scarce resources in an increasingly complex and global world. This course provides students with a wide range of financial skills to manage their resources effectively. Specific issues critical to emerging businesses such as ratio and free cash flow analysis, firm valuation, financial modeling, and sources of financing are examined.
ENT 5341  Technology Entrepreneurship  (3)  
Technology Entrepreneurship examines the entire technology commercialization process, from concept to market. It is intended to prepare students in business, engineering, and the sciences to understand and participate effectively in the processes required for successful introduction of new technology products in the marketplace.
ENT 5342  Corporate Entrepreneurship: Initiating and Sustaining Innovation  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): This course is open to all Juniors/Seniors/Grads, all majors Exploration of the nature of innovation -- its drivers, patterns, and impacts on society and organizations of all sizes and missions  
Use of tools and processes in a larger organizational context where selecting the best innovation target is critical.
ENT 5354  Business Research in Latin America  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Instructor approval  
Offered only as part of the Baylor in the Caribbean study abroad program, this course involves the development and exploration of business-related research questions as they apply to Latin America. Students combine insights gained from in-country experiences with research from secondary sources for their proposed projects.
ENT 5363  Seminar in Mergers and Acquisitions  (3)  
Cross-listed as FIN 5363  
See FIN 5363 for course information.
ENT 5V98  Special Studies in Entrepreneurship  (1-6)  
Pre-requisite(s): Consent of instructor  
Student may register for a maximum credit of six semester hours.
ENT 6310  Seminar in Strategic Management  (3)  
This course involves a critical review of theory and research in the field of strategic management. The scope of the course is comprehensive, encompassing the following domains: strategic content, strategic processes, top executives, and corporate governance. Particular emphasis is placed on empirical study of strategic issues.
ENT 6320  Seminar in Entrepreneurship  (3)  
This course offers a systematic overview of the research literature on entrepreneurship and its applications. The course takes an interdisciplinary approach, building on economics, management, sociology, psychology, history, and other academic disciplines.
ENT 6330  Theoretical Perspectives in Strategy and Entrepreneurship  (3)  
This course exposes doctoral candidates to advanced theoretical perspectives, models, approaches, and critiques in the fields of business strategy and entrepreneurship. The course takes an interdisciplinary perspective, building on core insights from economics, sociology, psychology, political science, and other fields to develop an integrated framework for analyzing advanced topics in entrepreneurship, innovation, management, and organization.
ENT 6340  Seminar in Research Methods  (3)  
This seminar prepares doctoral candidates to conduct research in the organizational and behavioral sciences. Special attention is paid to the topics of construct development and validation and the identification of the necessary conditions for establishing causal relationships. The major focus of the seminar is on methodological issues, as opposed to analytical issues.
ENT 6350  Seminar in Organization Theory  (3)  
This interdisciplinary seminar introduces the major theoretical approaches and debates in organizational theory, drawing primarily on sociology and secondarily on economics and psychology, to explain how organizations form, survive and grow, interact, manage resources, and deal with internal and external issues.
ENT 6V00  Dissertation Proposal and Prospectus  (1-3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Departmental approval required  
Research for doctoral students studying for preliminary examinations, preparing their topic proposals or writing their prospectuses in anticipation of candidacy. The course may be repeated. The course provides students full-time status.
ENT 6V98  Entrepreneurship Research Practicum  (1-3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Entrepreneurship PhD students only  
Research course for PhD students in Entrepreneurship.This course is only for doctoral students who have not yet been admitted to candidacy. Students are required to coordinate with their PhD advisors and participate in activities such as literature reviews, paper writing, data collection, oral presentations, seminar participation, and professional activities.
ENT 6V99  Dissertation  (1-9)  
Pre-requisite(s): Departmental Approval required  
Supervised research for the doctoral dissertation. A total of at least nine semester hours is required for the completion of the dissertation. Students register for dissertation hours during dissertation research and receive credit for them when the dissertation is approved.