Entrepreneurship Concentration (MSIS)

Concentration in Entrepreneurship (MSIS)

Required Core Courses
ISEC 5305Seminar in Information Security Foundations3
MIS 5111MSIS Career and Professional Development1
MIS 5301Seminar in Object-Oriented Business Programming3
MIS 5335Information Systems Analysis and Design3
MIS 5340Database Management Systems3
MIS 5355Management of Information Systems3
Required Additional Programming Course
Select one course from the following3
NET Systems Development
Seminar in Java Development
Advanced Python for Analytics
Required Additional Concentration Courses
ENT 5322Entrepreneurship Capstone3
ENT 5329Entrepreneurial Finance3
ENT 5342Corporate Entrepreneurship: Initiating and Sustaining Innovation3
Elective Concentration Courses
Select one course from the following3
Technology Entrepreneurship
Project Management
Special Studies in Information Systems
Business Electives5
Select two business courses from outside MIS/ISEC curriculum
Internship in Information Systems (if less than 2 years of full-time work experience)
Total Hours36