Theatre Performance, B.F.A.

Requirements for a Major in Theatre Performance

Seventy semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
Theatre Performance Core
THEA 1301
THEA 1101
Acting I: Realism
and Fundamentals of Voice and Movement I
THEA 1302
THEA 1102
Acting Realism: Scene Study
and Fundamentals of Voice and Movement II
THEA 1312Scenic Elements3
THEA 1316Costume and Stage Makeup Elements3
THEA 1324Script Analysis3
THEA 1380Theatre Aesthetics: Visual Storytelling3
THEA 2301Acting: Physical Methods3
THEA 2302Acting: Shakespeare3
THEA 2298Ballet I2
THEA 2299Jazz I2
THEA 2371Lighting and Sound Elements3
THEA 2374Theater History I3
THEA 2375Theater History II3
THEA 3001Production Lab (3 semesters)0
THEA 3301Acting: Advanced Realism3
THEA 3302Acting: Advanced Auditioning3
THEA 4102Theatre in the Professional World1
THEA 4376Theater History III3
Six semester hours of THEA courses6
Theatre Performance Concentrations
Select one Concentration from the following:15
Total Hours70