Bioinformatics (BINF)

BINF 1095  Bioinformatics First-year Seminar  (0)  
Pre-requisite(s): Restricted to Bioinformatics majors  

The Bioinformatics First-Year Seminar is designed to assist new students in making a successful transition from learning in high school (or from another college) to learning at Baylor. Students are guided to accept responsibility for their learning and to understand practices and values that will impact their undergraduate experience; to further instill practicing values that will lead to academic success; and to connect with other new students and faculty members in the department and across campus for the main purpose of helping them be successful in the department of Computer Science, Baylor, and beyond.

BINF 3350  Genomics and Bioinformatics  (3)  
Cross-listed as BIO 3350  
Pre-requisite(s): BIO 2306  

The overall objective of this course is to familiarize students with concepts in genomics, proteomics, systems biology and bioinformatics. Upon course completion students will be able to properly identify appropriate software for use in solving biologically relevant questions. Individuals will also be able to use software efficiently to address questions and maintain a reasonable web presence.

BINF 3360  Introduction to Computational Biology  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): BINF 3350 and CSI 3344  

An introduction to the computable issues in biology. Assignments will focus on gaining competency in the use of bioinformatics applications, algorithm design, Perl programming, protein structure modeling, and genome annotation.

BINF 3V96  Bioinformatics Internship Experience  (1-3)  
Pre-requisite(s): BINF 3350 and 3360; Consent of instructor  

Department arranged/approved summer intern work experience in bioinformatics-related position. Includes a minimum of eight weeks of employment.

BINF 43C9  Bioinformatics Senior Capstone Project  (3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Senior standing  

Minimum grade of C in both CSI 3335 and BINF 3360. A semester-long project course in which students will create a bioinformatics computing system. The project requires applying information technology according to established design management practices, including technical presentations (oral and written) by all students.