Joint Juris Doctor/Master of Taxation

The Law School is one of only a few law schools in the nation that offers a dual degree program that leads to the simultaneous award of the Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Taxation (MTAX) degrees. JD/MTAX students receive a broad-based legal education in the Law School, while the Hankamer School of Business Masters of Taxation Program provides the students with an in-depth study of all major aspects of taxation. Students desiring a career in taxation (either planning or litigation), business planning or estate planning would benefit from the joint JD/MTAX degree. JD/MTAX students are encouraged to pursue a concentrated study at the Law School in Business Transactions, Estate Planning, or Business Litigation.

Students receive 12 hours of credit toward their JD upon successful completion of the required MTAX courses, and 12 hours of credit toward their elective requirements for the MTAX coursework. Thus, JD/MTAX students complete 114 quarter hours of law and 21 semester hours of graduate tax. Since both degrees are awarded simultaneously, all requirements in both schools must be completed in order to receive either degree.

It is possible for students with adequate accounting backgrounds to complete the joint JD/MTAX program in 36 months. Students with a non-accounting undergraduate degree may be required to complete some basic-level accounting courses before enrolling in any graduate tax courses. For further information, see the Associate Dean of the Law School.

Students are required to make regular application for admission to, and be accepted by, both the Law School and the Graduate School.  All applicants must take the applicable entrance exam for each school. 

Interested applicants and law students should visit with the Associate Dean of the Law School at their earliest convenience, and must do so before beginning study on the MTax degree.  To inquire regarding admission to the School of Business, contact the Associate Dean for Graduate Business Programs, Dr. Patsy Norman, at (254)710-6196.