Studio Art Concentration

Requirements for a Concentration in Graphic Design

Concentration Requirements
ART 3320Oil Painting3
or ART 3321 Acrylic Painting
ART 3330Typography and Conceptual Development3
ART 3332Digital Imaging for Graphic Design3
ART 3333Publication Design3
ART 3334Photography I: Introduction to the Camera and Darkroom3
ART 3336Photography II: Introduction to Digital Photography and the Digital Lab3
ART 3340Hand-Built Ceramics3
or ART 3341 Wheel-Thrown Ceramics
ART 3344Wood Sculpture3
or ART 3345 Metal Sculpture
ART 4329Web Design3
ART 4331Package Design3
ART 4332Identity Design3
ART 4333Portfolio Preparation3
MKT 3320Advertising Procedures3
Select three semester hours from the following:3
Fabric Surface Design
Non-Woven/Off-Loom Fabric Structures
Select three semester hours from the following:3
Relief Printmaking
Six semester hours of Studio Art (ART) courses6
Total Hours51