Medical Humanities Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Medical Humanities

Students wishing to declare the minor in Medical Humanities must first earn a B or better in MH 1331 Introduction to Medical Humanities.

Twenty-one semester hours including the following:
Required Courses
Medical Humanities Core Courses
MH 1331Introduction to Medical Humanities3
PHI 1309Introduction to Medical Ethics3
MH 2301Christian Spirituality and Health Care3
Medical Humanities Distribution Courses
Literature and the Arts
Select three semester hours from the following:3
Visual Arts and Healing
Writing about Sickness and Health
Roman Sculpture
Literary and Philosophical Perspectives on Medicine
Great Texts in the Origins of Science
Great Texts in Modern Science
Historical Perspectives
MH 4300History of Medicine3
or CLA 4300 Medicine and Healing in the Ancient World
Behavioral Health
Select three semester hours from the following:3
Abnormal Psychology
A Survey of Human Development
Drugs and Behavior
Positive Psychology and Well-Being
Behavioral Medicine
Psychology and Aging
The Developing Child
Developmental Disabilities
Aging and Mental Health
Trauma, Loss, and Mourning
Social Sciences and Health
Select three semester hours from the following:3
End-of-Life Care & Bereavement
U.S. Health Care System
Disability and Society
Introduction to Global Health
Medical Anthropology
One Health: Connecting Global Health and Conservation Medicine
Economics of Health and Medical Care
Introduction to Environmental Health
Human Health Risk Assessment
Population Health
Sociology of Medicine
Total Hours21