Civic Interfaith Studies Minor

Requirements for a Minor in Civic Interfaith Studies

Required Courses
Eighteen semester hours including the following:
LDS 3308Interfaith Leadership3
REL 3345World Religions 13
SWO 2320Human Diversity and Leadership3
Select nine additional semester hours from the following:9
Examined Life II: Biblical Heritage and Contemporary Ethical Issues
Examined Life III Capstone: Special Topics
Christianity and the World Religions
Foundations for Social Justice
Special Topics (Spirituality in Social Work Practice)
In the event that the above electives are unavailable, students may select from the following courses:
Cultural Anthropology in Global Context
Religion, Magic and Witchcraft
Environment and Human Behavior
Anthropology of Religion
World Cultures V: Differing Visions and Realities
Doing Business Across Cultures
History of American Journalism
International Communication
Gender, Race & Media
Leadership for 21st Century America
Introduction to Citizenship and Community Service
Leadership and Social Change
Philanthropy, Civil Society, & the Public Good
Philosophy and Religion
Total Hours18

Students in the BIC may take BIC 1314 World Cultures I: Roots of Culture or BIC 1324 World Cultures II: Religion and Culture in place of REL 3345 World Religions.