Computer Science Fellows (CSF)

CSF 3001  Independent Reading Survey  (0)  
Co-requisite(s): CSF 3102  

Exit survey taken at the end of two semesters of junior readings and research to summarize a student's independent readings and research, and to ascertain readiness for the senior thesis.

CSF 3101  Advanced Readings and Research I  (1)  

A one-credit-hour course that is designed to facilitate the beginning phase of the CS Fellows thesis project. The course is conducted under the direction of the director of the CS Fellows program and a faculty research advisor from the student's department, concentration area, or area of research.

CSF 3102  Advanced Readings and Research II  (1)  
Pre-requisite(s): CSF 3101 or concurrent enrollment  

Continuation of CSF 3101. Continued exploration in the Fellow's research field through advanced readings and/or laboratory or field-work procedures, research, writing, and conversations with professors. Includes submission of a formal thesis proposal.

CSF 4001  Senior Exit Survey  (0)  
Co-requisite(s): CSF 4302  
Pre-requisite(s): Completion of CSF 3102 and CSF 3001, and approval of the CS Fellows Director  

Required during the final undergraduate semester for all Computer Science Fellows. Ensures that all CS Fellows requirements have been satisfied.

CSF 4302  Fellows Thesis  (3)  
Co-requisite(s): CSF 4001  
Pre-requisite(s): CSF 4V01 and approval of the CS Fellows Director  

Thesis with final deliverables that include a complete research paper, any client-specific documentation, and a functional prototype.

CSF 4V01  Research/Fellows Thesis I  (1-3)  
Pre-requisite(s): Completion of CSF 3102 and CSF 3001, and approval of CS Fellows Director  

Fellows will work with their Research Advisor to determine the scope of work required for their research/thesis. Culmination of this course is the submission of the outline, first chapter, and bibliography to the Research Advisor and CS Fellows Director.