Grade System

The system of grades and corresponding grade points earned for each quarter of credit is as follows:

Letter Grade Grade Point Average Description
A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
D 1.00 Passing
F 0.00 Failing
Grade Description
P Passing; the notation of "P" is given in field placements or other courses which are graded on a pass-fail basis (see description on Pass-Fail courses below).
CR Credit, the notation "CR" is used upon successful completion of a capstone course.
I Incomplete; the notation "I" is entered in lieu of a grade when a student fails to complete required written work. The student must present to the instructor good reason for the delay and obtain permission to submit the work late. If this provision is not observed by the student, an "F" will be entered as the grade. If permission is obtained and the work is completed within one year, the grade earned in the course will be entered in lieu of the "I." Otherwise, an "F" will be entered as the grade.
NC No credit; the notation "NC" is used by the instructor where a student has not successfully completed a capstone course or field placement, or in the instance where a student has been absent for more than the maximum number of allowable absences in a course, but is otherwise performing satisfactorily.
DP Dropped course while passing.
DF Dropped course while failing.
W Withdrawal from all currently registered courses.

The lowest passing grade is "D." An overall grade point average of 2.0 and a grade point average of 2.0 for required courses is required for graduation. A required course in which a grade of "F" is made must be retaken. A required course in which a grade of "D" is made may be retaken. An elective course in which a grade of "D" or "F" is made may be retaken. Required courses may only be retaken at the Law School and not at another law school. The grade received in the repeat course shall be recorded on the student's transcript, but no grade points in excess of two grade points per quarter hour will be allowed for repeat courses. The original grade of "D," or "F" shall remain on the transcript but will not affect grade point calculations.

Pass-Fail Juris Doctor Courses

The grade of "P" is given in clinical or other courses which are graded on a pass-fail basis. The grade indicates that the quarter hours are credited toward the required 126 hours for graduation, but no grade points are given and such hours are not included for the purpose of computing a grade point average unless otherwise approved in writing by the Associate Dean of Baylor Law School. A student may receive no more than 12 hours of credit for pass-fail courses; however, students pursuing a JD/MBA, JD/MDIV, JD/MPPA, JD/MTAX joint degree may receive up to 6 hours of pass-fail credit for law school courses in addition to the 12 hours of credit for graduate business or graduate school courses, giving those students a maximum of 18 pass-fail credits. Credit received at another ABA approved law school with prior written consent of the Associate Dean of Baylor Law School is to be considered pass-fail credit and counts toward the allotted 12 hours of allowable pass-fail credit.

The following Law School courses are currently graded on a pass-fail basis:

LAW 9325Business Law Boot Camp3
LAW 9156Criminal Law Boot Camp1
LAW 9135Extended Bar Preparation Skills1
LAW 9139Family Law Boot Camp1
LAW 9266In-House Counsel Externship Program2
LAW 9289Jurisprudence2
LAW 9206Leadership Engagement & Development (LEAD)2
Capstones Courses (May be Pass/Fail or Credit / No Credit)
Field Placements
Law Review Credit Hours
Legal Clinics

Repeated Classes

Grades received in repeated courses will be listed on the transcript, but for purposes of calculating the cumulative grade point average, the repeated grade cannot be counted at a level higher than a "C."  The grade for the original instance of the course remains on the transcript, but the effect of it is removed from the grade point average.  Students on academic probation should consult the Rules on Academic Probation & Dismissal for information about the affect of a repeated course pertaining to probationary status. 

Non-classroom Credit and Grade Points

Students participating as members of an advocacy team are awarded credit hours and a letter grade. The hours earned for up to four advocacy teams (up to 8 credit hours) count toward the total hours needed to complete the degree requirements.

Grade points may be awarded for significant involvement in certain academically related activities such as the moot court program and intra-school client counseling competitions. Grade points earned through participation in these activities will be posted to the student’s academic transcript after graduation and after all grades have been posted for the student’s final quarter of enrollment. Grade points earned in these activities are included in the calculation of class rank only at graduation. Grade points earned will not be used to calculate academic scholarship eligibility, probation matters or to satisfy the graduation requirements.