Fellows Programs

Leadership Development Fellow Program

As a professional school, Baylor Law School has a particular obligation to develop students who not only can provide legal services competently to their clients upon graduation, but also will assume leadership within their community and the legal profession. The Leadership Development Program provides students with the tools necessary to be more successful as lawyers and leaders but also has the added bonus of improving the reputation of lawyers and the legal profession in general. For more information about the program please visit: Leadership Development Program.

Public Interest Fellow Program

The Public Interest Fellow Program is the pro bono and community service program for Baylor Law Students. It is designed to encourage and equip students to make pro bono work a priority now while managing a heavy course load, developing a desire to continue that work throughout their lifetime of practice. The program connects students with opportunities to serve and exposes them to the needs of the Waco community and beyond. For more information, please visit: Baylor Law School's Pro Bono and Public Service Program