Latin American Studies - Secondary Major

Requirements for a Secondary Major in Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies Core
LAS 2301An Introduction to Latin American Studies3
LAS 4350Latin American Studies Seminar 33
HIS 3355Modern Latin America3
Select eighteen semester hours from the following (no more than 6 hours per department)18
Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica
World Food Problems
Development and Indigenous Peoples 2
Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin America
Brazil since 1808
The Mexican Revolution and Its Legacies
Special Studies in Latin American Studies 4
Traditional Music and Culture in Latin America
Advanced Reading and Research in Latin American Studies 4
Exploring Brazilian Pop Culture 5
Governments and Politics of Latin America
Government and Politics of Mexico
World Christianity 2
Introduction to Hispanic Literature
Latin American Culture and Civilization
Latin American Literature from Conquest through Independence 1
Modern Latin American Literature 1
Latin American Short Story 1
Contemporary Spanish American Theater 1
The Spanish-American Novel 1
Latin American Poetry 1
Latin American Studies Core Subtotal27
Required Courses in Other Fields
SPA 1301Elementary Spanish3
or POR 1301 Elementary Portuguese
SPA 1302Elementary Spanish3
or POR 1302 Elementary Portuguese
SPA 2310Intermediate Spanish3
or POR 2310 Intermediate Portuguese
Total Hours36

If taking a SPA literature course, SPA 3305 is a prerequisite.


With focus on Latin America


May be taken more than once since its content varies.


Only for LAS majors or minors from catalog up to 2023-2024.


Course is offered in English. Does not count to fulfill foreign language requirement.