Environmental Studies, B.A.

Requirements for a Major in Environmental Studies

Thirty-seven semester hours (or twenty-eight semester hours if double major concentration is selected) including the following:
Required Courses
ENV 1301
ENV 1101
Exploring Environmental Issues
and An Introduction to Environmental Analysis (Lab)
ENV 2307Ecology for a Changing World3
ENV 3310Field Techniques for Environmental Science3
Environment and Society
Three semester hours from the following:3
Environment and Society
Environment and Human Behavior
World Food Problems
The Environment and Economic Analysis
Environmental Sustainability and Religion
American Environmental History
Environmental Ethics
Humans and Environmental Change
Law and Policy
ENV 3300The Environment and Political Processes3
or ENV 4307 Environmental Law
Environmental Management
Three semester hours from the following:3
Watershed Assessment
Principles of Wildlife Management
Managing Environmental Health and Safety
Coastal Zone Management
Water Management
Principles of Renewable Resource Management
The Environment and Energy
Ecosystem Planning and Management
Restoration Ecology
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Advanced GIS Analysis
Complete additional requirements for one concentration:9-18
Additional Requirements
No more than four hours of variable hour courses may be applied to the major
A minimum GPA of 2.0 in the first fifteen hours of ENV courses that are counted to complete requirements in the major is required. Students who do not have the required GPA in ENV courses after completion of the first fifteen hours will be placed on probation for one semester in the major.
A grade of “C-” or better in each ENV course used in the major and a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 or higher on ENV courses taken within the major.
Total Hours28-37